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Nice job, awesome!

Thanks! That sounds awesome, send me an email and I'll get back to you with the raw files:

This is amazing! I wanna drop stuff on it

Awesome, thank you!

Just uploaded one, let me know if it does the trick!

Hi all, I've extended the deadline to Sunday night since it felt weird to end a game jam on a Friday night. Happy writing!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to create a thread to check in with everyone as we are a little over half way through the jam now. Comment here with your current progress or other thoughts. Recommendations for resources or are good too! 

The approach I used for my submission was that of Mazes & Minotaurs, who referenced fictional core rulebooks which were put out some time after the supplements were written. In comparison to a Borgesian fictional text with a fictional author, an author can also write about a fictional text that that they did not write (or at least finish). Here's a quote from the DTRPG page that evokes the feeling a little bit: 

"In its own fictional metagame alternate continuum, MAZES & MINOTAURS was the first RPG ever designed and came out in 1972 to be followed, 15 years later, by its glorious Revised rules (presented, of course, in three corebooks) – which are now available in a special, 30th Anniversary edition, from DrivethruRPG!"

Anyway, I hope your projects are going well and remember to keep self care in mind. It looks like there are a lot of game jams going on right now, so feel free to combine this idea with that of another jam, or submit an unfinished project to come back to later when you have more time.

Go for it, I love it! Hopefully some of the jam submissions end up being articles for the Archæoludonarratological Academy Journal

Your submission seems really cool I can’t wait to read it! I think “love letter to a game I never wrote” is a good fit

Yeah EC doesn’t quite fit the jam, but it and a few others are related in spirit and I think can still give  inspiration for entry ideas  

Yeah Borges is the goat, he’s basically always on my mind! 

Sounds awesome! I was thinking a bit about Encounter Critical for this jam but hadn’t had a chance to work it into the convo yet so I’m glad you did! I think it fits the theme well, an alternate history “original rpg” is an idea just full of possibilities. 

I think one thing that might be helpful is to think of a system not just as mechanics but also a theme, like space horror, black metal fantasy, or exploring dark and mysterious woods. So rather than thinking about the mechanics, make up a setting to put your entry in. I think your question is probably one a lot of people have, so maybe  the jam is a way to break the assumption that a system needs to be fully fleshed out or that you need a strong understanding of system mechanics to make ttrpg materials. This could also be a way for you to take the first step towards designing your own system without having to commit to writing a whole ass book. Doing research for this project I’ve found some people who do just that, they’ll make references to a game book before it’s come out but eventually they will publish it. I think the barrier to entry for writing a module is much lower than for designing a fully fledged system. 

Hi JD welcome! That idea sounds really interesting, this is one of the things I most hope to see with System Fictional, a game with rules references that just make you go ?!?!?!?

These ideas sound cool, I'm psyched to see them take shape! I feel like this is the sort of thing that makes System Fictional seem cool to me!

There's a good collection of free public domain art here, although I think it might be hard to find anything that works for super sentai. 

Also for free layout and image processing software for an old laptop, have you tried google docs and slides? They are pretty powerful and can get you a ways. They have a decent built in font selection.

Hi Joe, welcome to the jam and thanks for making a post! I don't know if there's a lot of discourse around it. People have suggested a lot of random examples in one thread, one that stood out to me was Mazes and Monsters,  a book/movie from the satanic panic in the 80's that was a form of negative propaganda about D&D. It featured a fictional stand in game for D&D called Mazes and Monsters. Also I made a thread about the works of Jorge Luis Borges, who wrote book reviews of fictional books.

My plan for my entry is to make up some kind of new form of game and write a supplement for it. I am leaning maybe a Choose Your Own Adventure style game written by an actual play group with a revolving GM, it's not really fleshed out yet.

heck yeah thanks!


This is a really good essay about apocalypse games that might try to focus on building a better world

thank you for the kind words!

Here is Dee Pennyways explanation of what a community copy is

And her "how to" guide about setting up discount and community copies on itch

There is the Unified (QT)POC Standard Requirements written DC and a several other (QT)POC on how to keep marginalized people from bein taken advantage on the business side of RPGs:

Which I sourced from here:

Also this twitter thread by Avery Alder on what was good and what was BS about the 2000's online game design discourse:

love it! super simple but so many possibilities

Long ago, your old friend Blue Oni did a Bad Thing to help you out. Their sacrifice helped the humans look past your monstrous nature and you were able to live in human society comfortably afterwards, though Blue Oni had no choice but to flee and live in the wilderness. Things went well for you for a time until you also became alienated from civilization, and decided to journey to find Blue Oni and make amends. Your Oni or group of Oni outcasts have tracked Blue Oni to an old abandoned structure that is home to various supernatural Yokai who also live outside of human civilization. In playing Sad Oni RPG you will explore this structure, develop relationships with its Yokai inhabitants, confront your own inner demons, and try to make amends with your long lost friend Blue Oni.