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heck yeah thanks!


This is a really good essay about apocalypse games that might try to focus on building a better world

thank you for the kind words!

Here is Dee Pennyways explanation of what a community copy is

And her "how to" guide about setting up discount and community copies on itch

There is the Unified (QT)POC Standard Requirements written DC and a several other (QT)POC on how to keep marginalized people from bein taken advantage on the business side of RPGs:

Which I sourced from here:

Also this twitter thread by Avery Alder on what was good and what was BS about the 2000's online game design discourse:

love it! super simple but so many possibilities

Long ago, your old friend Blue Oni did a Bad Thing to help you out. Their sacrifice helped the humans look past your monstrous nature and you were able to live in human society comfortably afterwards, though Blue Oni had no choice but to flee and live in the wilderness. Things went well for you for a time until you also became alienated from civilization, and decided to journey to find Blue Oni and make amends. Your Oni or group of Oni outcasts have tracked Blue Oni to an old abandoned structure that is home to various supernatural Yokai who also live outside of human civilization. In playing Sad Oni RPG you will explore this structure, develop relationships with its Yokai inhabitants, confront your own inner demons, and try to make amends with your long lost friend Blue Oni.