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Introduce yourself!

A topic by SCREAM CATALOGUE created Sep 14, 2018 Views: 360 Replies: 17
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Welcome to Scream Jam! Thanks for joining; I look forward to your SPOOKY submissions next month! Feel free to introduce yourself in this thread and plug your own work.

SCREAM CATALOGUE (@screamcatalogue) is a joke project that emerged from the EDM Twitter scene. I've been making games for jams with my friends since 2014 under the name Chikun/Caveware and thought it would be neat to  try out a more unusual idea for a game jam. You can check out an example of a jam game I've done here.

How about you? What projects have you got up to?


Hi!  I'm considering joining the Scream Jam this year! 

I'm  not normally known for making horror games but I wanna shake things up and really throw a curve-ball in the means of my games :3

Think i'll do well?


Hey, thanks for thinking about joining the jam! There's voting but it isn't really competitive at all - it's just a good excuse to spend a week making a SPOOKY  game for Halloween that can be as funny, scary, or weird as you like!  So I think you'd do great! 


I think you’ll smash it!


Yooo I’m funkeh, developer from Caveware Digital!

Although I’m a host of this event, I’d like to join in, make a game and have fun! I’ve been making games for close to 12 years and been in game jams for close to 5.

I use Godot these days (previously LÖVE and Game Maker 6). Any other Godot users in this jam?? Can’t wait for October!


Hello I'm a music composer looking to join in a horror project that's in 3D. Hit me up in discord if you're interested in making something cool and spooky: world_creator#9524


Thanks for joining in on SCREAM JAM! Let me know if there's anything I can do to help you find someone to work with. 


Hi everyone. I'm a Software Engineer and have never programmed a game before.
But I saw this Jam and thought: "Why not try developing a game for it?"
So this will be a fun little experiment :)

Great Horror Fan though, hoping to see some SPOOOOOOKY submissions!


Hey! Thanks for joining Scream Jam! It's not really competitive at all, so submissions from all skill levels are definitely welcome! Can't wait to get SPOOKY  in a few days, I'm looking forward to seeing what submissions come out of this jam! 

Hey! I'm a composer looking for a team for this Scream Jam. I've just joined and I'm really looking forward to it! Is there a Discord chat?


Thanks for joining! One's just been set up. You can join it using the link below:

First time jammer here but I've had an idea I've wanted to try for a while, and I *think* it's a good fit for a jam (which obviously means it's 20x too ambitious.)

There's gonna be some horrific parts but it's more of a "Halloween" game than a straight "horror" one.


Hey Andrew! Thanks for joining the jam. Interested to see how your idea plays out - don't worry too much about ambition and time constraints; there's always time after the jam to finish the game if you don't quite get what you were aiming for complete!


Hey I'm iceshadow40 ,  I'm new to game jams but am looking forward to seeing if i can make this horror game in time.


Hey, thanks for joining the jam, I hope you have a great first time! Creating a game in a deadline is always tricky, but remember you can always submit something unfinished and work on it after the jam is over! 

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Hi! i've never made a game before! You can tell. I just started posting under the title JingleJosh and I joined the jam to kickstart both the spooks and the school work i'm currently working. The game i'm entering is actually a school project gone horridly wrong. ENTER PUMPKIN PETE. My game isn't actually scary. It's just themed like that.


Hi Josh, just wanna say that Pumpkin Pete was a highlight of the comedy side of the jam for me and we definitely raved over it on the Discord. Great work on  a platformer type game! Hope you enjoyed the experience.


Cool! Im glad you all enjoyed it!