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i've been getting errors preventing me from installing the game :(  "cannot read property build of 'undefined" I hope they get fixed because as an avid fan of both gender feels and petplay this looks endlessly cool.

An incredibly refreshing Meta-Postmodern game that hits me on a very deep level <3 <3 <3 

Absolutely!  Glad I could help <3 

:)  This is amazing

This was a journey.

I am now happy.

An Enjoyable time for sure <3 :D

if its alright to ask, what did you make the game in?

Incredibly fun! 

I wish I could say more but I enjoyed the artstyle!  this is an example of pixel art done amazingly!

stay tuuuuuuuuuuuunnneedd ooOooooooooOoo  


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this is the best comment i've ever gotten on a project.

Happy Halloween <3

Hi!  I'm considering joining the Scream Jam this year! 

I'm  not normally known for making horror games but I wanna shake things up and really throw a curve-ball in the means of my games :3

Think i'll do well?

wow,  I dont really know what to say that wont sound bland or too soggy with emotional mess...  Thanks for the game. 

I shot stuff. and the stuff said things.  Gameplay wise, the source engine is looking more unified these days

this is good _____________

Thank you so much for playing!

I fixed the filename issue so that should be solved.

I really appreciate this video so much, This really motivates me to make something even better.

I feel bad for not having the credits transition back to the menu.

Have a great day!

A cute and simple but enjoyable game!


What does this run on!?!
:O this is pure brilliance!

Why do you always blow my mind!?

Super fun and adorable!

Straight out of a storybook! 10/10 in mine!

The game is a fun adventure through a colorful and fun environment!

All the characters are what made the experience complete for me!

By far one of the few hidden gems on this website :) 

I had fun! this was my first jam and It did not disappoint!

Collaborating with others and making it before the deadline was a blast.

I think you have a good thing going and if it's not broken, don't fix it.

Sorry if this wasn't super helpful. I'm just really appreciative of having this opportunity .

Thank you.

I completely understand, and I appreciate the criticism.

Since this is my first game I want to improve! So I'll gladly take this.

I hope to add a few more updates to help fix the game aesthetically.

I really wish I could have done better on the plot but Hopefully that's going to be better in my next project.

Thanks for playing I really appreciate it :)

10/10  Would Shoot again!

The Music Is 100% Original!

I recently turned 16!

This has got to be a winner.

The game was exciting from the moment I booted it up!

I was so happy when I placed first. Just the amount of work that went into this must have been staggering. For such a small file size it packs a punch with the graphical wow factor it has!

The faux 3D effect was a really nice challenge that threw me off!

The entire experience was absolutely lovely! Not to mention.. That ladder sound is one of the most pleasing sounds i've ever heard in a video game!

10/10 This would be a coin stealer if it was an arcade game (also cause i'd stink at it)

Looking snazzy if I do say so myself.

I'm not a big fan of poker but this is my top pick if I ever get into it!

You sir are awesome!

I had a lot of fun with the game! I really liked the vertical scrolling along with the enemy types.

The Varying Levels were a joy to fight through not to mention the different ways you can handle your problems via powerups or jumping. The color palletes were nice and fit each room nicely!

You have a lot of potential and I see this becoming a full game!

I really liked the free use of Double Jump without stamina <3 That was a blast.

If I had to pick anything negative to say. I was a bit down with starting all over again once I died  but that's more of a fault on my part, The weapon was memorable, The enemies were adorable and the whole game looked nice! The shopkeep spiced up the gameplay and all of it was really polished! 8/10

I became a ghost once they referenced rick and morty, but once they revived me I enjoyed every other second of this fantastic game!