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semi-first game ok?

A topic by mdmnk created Jun 18, 2017 Views: 172 Replies: 6
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The very first game I made was a text adventure game when I was around 9 written in BASIC in which you played as the Ninja Turtles on a train attempting to "catch the bad guys".... i don't really feel like remaking that. I had a few other really weird concepts that I played with as a kid and I'm thinking that one of those would lend itself better to a remake. Should I enter with one of those or is this a first-game-only event?


Although I can't answer that for you  (I think the organisers would have the last word on this) I'll give you my 2 cents and share my position here.

  • As my very first I'll pick my first public game. I wonder whether I would accurately remember what my "very first" game was (a little shooter where a submarine was meant to avoid missiles does come to mind but it's not something I ever thought was "done".
  • I wouldn't pick anything that never went past the concept/prototyping stage. So when you write "weird concepts" I'm wondering if you are actually referring to game ideas you had, or stuff you actually wired up.

I do think it's up to you what you consider your first game to be, as it would be a bit sad if you submitted no entry because your first game isn't something you feel like re-making.

hmm I might have to drop from the jam as I haven't really started releasing games until recently (decades after my "first games").

The games I made as a kid that I'm referring to were complete in the sense that they could be played from start to finish -- they were small (written in QBasic) but they were never released. I can remember most of what I made in detail, but I think its probably not within the spirit of this jam to tackle them again.

Thanks for the feedback.


My First Game was like a Pong clone with a different idea! I could redo it nowadays in like one day. But I you can just take your old games core idea and build some new stuff around it! I for eg. might add items and new stuff to the game!


I think you should definitely be part of the jam as you just said yourself: your games could be played from start to finish!
It was meaningful for me to pick a published game as I was in the process of remaking my first published game : )

My main point was, pick an early game that you want to remake!

I understand what you were saying now -- think I'll rejoin as the game I have in mind was a dungeon crawl and I think that would be to try to remake in a week.


ill remake my first proper game. because my very first game ever, was just a clown clicker :D