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try deleting your airunner.settings.json file located in your home folder and re-running the app.

if your main drive is C that would be here:


I have been told by others that they had issues running from an external drive, however this looks like an error with the prompt builder. I’ll do more investigating on my end but you might try disable / enabling the prompt builder with the checkbox, modifying some prompt builder settings etc.

Please see this post to ensure you are running the application correctly

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Hi - I would need more information surrounding the part of the code which reports the actual error. It should be displayed just before the notification to report the issue.

You can either post that here or in Discord for faster help and I can help you out.

Its possible you are launching the application from commandline without changing into the directory first.

One thing you can try is installing with the launcher rather than downloading the Zip file and running it manually.

Any warnings can be safely ignored - the tensorboard warnings are known and shouldn’t affect the performance of the application.

There are a couple of tutorials that I have released since this request, but I need to release more. What would you like to see covered?

I am glad you found this useful. I’ll add more mini tutorials soon.

This has been added to the upcoming version

Unable to reproduce this error - please post the following:

  • system specs (GPU, CPU, operating system)
  • memory settings
  • scheduler used
  • size attempted to generate

fixed in upcoming version

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thanks noted - I’m working on the 2.3 update currently and will look into a fix for this and the other things you’ve reported / suggested. Keep ’em coming if you have them. All bugs get patched and all suggestions are considered. Feel free to join Discord for even faster support if you wish (see discord link in help menu)

a toolbar setting that would use those settings on just image being shown

Thanks, I’m always looking to improve workflows so this is useful information.

Can you explain further what you mean by this?

Noted, thanks for the suggestion. You can also choose to automatically export images to a folder of your choice if you’d like to go that route.

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If you leave the NSFW filter setting off (the 18+ button unhighlighted as in this screenshot) then the NSFW filter will not be applied

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I have been working hard on the next release which features a long list of improvements to the design, bugfixes and new features, including support for shap-e and zeroscope 2. Stay tuned.

A user in Discord reported an error in which the app would freeze when attempting to generate using any model. It turns out this was due to a bug with LoRA - a patch has been deployed and is building / deploying now. It should be live in approximately 1.5 hours.

In the meantime if any users are experiencing this bug in version 2.0.4, uncheck the checkbox for all of your lora files or remove the directory from your path settings. LoRA will work normally in patch release v2.0.5

AI Runner launched tonight with a few bugs which prevented it from launching - the worst kind of bug! These have been patched in version 2.0.2 and it should now run smoothly for you.

Tomorrow I will release a devlog post outlining the new features, until then, experiment and enjoy.

The windows v2.0.2 patch build is now live. If you had any issues launching the application you should update to this new version and it will run as expected for you.

v2.0.2 patch release for Ubuntu is live - windows is still compiling and should deploy shortly.

v2.0.2 is deploying now - you can check progress here

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We have discovered a bug which might prevent AI Runner 2.0 from running. It is in the process of being patched. Expect an update to 2.0.2 in the next 1 hour and 30 minutes which will fix this issue for all users.

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Please post your system specs, how you have downloaded the application (via app or zip file) and what version you’re running. Also, have you modified any of the files (or added any new files) to the directory which contains chatai.exe?

When you say its not running, what do you mean specifically? The app won’t load, or it loads and you get errors?

Great suggestion - I’ll add this to my list and figure out how to make it happen

There is a bug in v1.17.3 which prevents the application from running correctly. A fix is being built and deployed now. You can track the progress here. It will be live in approximately 1 hour from the time of this post. We apologize for any inconvenience.

v1.17.1 fixes textual embeddings - see post here for more information.

Textual inversion embeddings currently have a bug which prevent some from working properly. I have fixed the bug in the development branch, and that fix will go out in the next release which is just around the corner.

I expect to launch the next version in a day or two.

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In case you are wondering where you can get more models, be sure to check out civitai.

You can then set up your path preferences under Settings > Path Preferences (see example screenshot below) and start generating images with more than the default models.