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Hey thanks for the feedback, we were actually just talking about expanding this game.

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This is a prototype. Any feedback on the direction its heading (multi-player coin collector / fighter) is appreciated.

My original idea was to create a clone of the original Mario Bros. arcade game, however I did not strictly stick to that concept. Unfortunately I decided to add networked multiplayer support right out of the gates and this slowed my progress to a halt as I have no experience building networked multiplayer games. 


keyboard / mouse: Shift to run, left click / space bar to jump, hold right click to cling, A / D to move left / right

ps4 controller: Hold square to run, x to jump, R1 to cling, left stick move left / right

Current issues:

  • No music  (prototype)
  • No actual gameplay -- you are experiencing partial mechanics... i plan to add shooting  (prototype)
  • Incomplete level (prototype)
  • Inability to show multiple HUDs (BUG)
  • Wrong color displayed for some players (BUG)

glad you had fun -- i might release some updates eventually based on that video and other feedback -- looks like controls weren't obvious enough. thanks for playing!

challenging and a lot of fun to play -- gamepad support would put it over the top for me.

I really like this game, was a lot of fun to play -- would love gamepad support

if you were able to damage from your past selves as they spawn and could also shoot them I think it would make for a fun / stressful game.

i like the look and feel of this game. I think you need to slow the menus down when the computer takes its turn -- allow the player to press a button to confirm they've had a look at the menus -- when I played it I found that it zoomed through each move so quickly that I couldn't keep tabs on what was happening -- that said I think this has a lot of potential and would like to play an expanded polished version.

This game is stressful and fun - worth playing

really nice overall -- I like pretty much everything about this one, music, graphics and gameplay are all nice. Getting stuck between high blocks and waiting for my death was stressful (in a good way).

I do wish you could use WASD instead of the arrow keys and would like to go full screen.

Something went horribly wrong with the last webgl build -- just rebuilt, uploaded and tested the game and it works again... sorry about that!

cool game - tutorial level is a nice touch, character animations are great and the controls are pretty tight.

enemy spawning needs a bit of work (when i spawned in the second or third level there were two enemies directly on top of me).

if you expand the game an overarching goal would be nice as would gamepad support.

Had loads of fun playing everyone's games thus far. I Only got through around 45 or 50 -- will try and rate more in the coming few days.

In my opinion the game I made was sorta meh, but it was a lot of fun to make, and even more so to participate in a game jam for once -- so thanks for playing my game (or ignoring it - no biggie) and thanks for making yours. I'm doing RemakeJam and am going to take what I learned here and apply it to that one (hopefully!)

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Doesn't say anything about royalty free or original music / sounds or anything really in the rules that I saw.

Regardless of the rules I enjoy the challenge of creating my own assets and am going with unique everything this time or bust -- Here's my 0.02 on the whole thing:

I think using assets as placeholders of sorts in order to get your project done, and even going live with them (provided that you own them or they are public domain and credit is given / you don't try to pass it off as your own work)  is fair game.

Certainly there is more to be said for fully originally assets, so I think launching with completely original everything would get you more praise and points -- on the other hand sometimes you have to make due.

I just did GGAJam and had to settle for a public domain soundtrack that I found on a forum and I wasn't feeling too creative so I went with a tribute of sorts to an existing game. I pointed out the similarity of my game, and for the music gave credit to the original composer and the user who put together this particular version and uploaded it. If people cared enough about the game then I would go back and added my own version of the public domain song used, or if i really believed in the game would have launched with something fully original.

I think I made the right choice in that last case with a pre-existing soundtrack because my game wasn't good / interesting enough to most people to lose a few extra hours of sleep to make an original soundtrack -- and then again, perhaps that would have made it more special, so I think I see a balance in all of that.

I think at the end of the day its the games that are the most interesting and fun that will capture the player's attention more than original assets (sometimes).

Again though - as for the rules on this one I didn't see one.

Fixed the license -- from GNU to MIT -- free to do whatever

I just put together a GameObject pool manager and figured I'd open source it in case anyone needs one. There might be others in existence (feel free to suggest or link them) but this is the solution I'm going with for now.

I'm making no guarantees on the state of the software as this will be my first time using the asset in a game -- feel free to use it in yours but beware that it might have an unknown bug or two. That said I've thrown together an example that shows how to use it along with an Install and Readme file.

I understand what you were saying now -- think I'll rejoin as the game I have in mind was a dungeon crawl and I think that would be to try to remake in a week.

hmm I might have to drop from the jam as I haven't really started releasing games until recently (decades after my "first games").

The games I made as a kid that I'm referring to were complete in the sense that they could be played from start to finish -- they were small (written in QBasic) but they were never released. I can remember most of what I made in detail, but I think its probably not within the spirit of this jam to tackle them again.

Thanks for the feedback.

The very first game I made was a text adventure game when I was around 9 written in BASIC in which you played as the Ninja Turtles on a train attempting to "catch the bad guys".... i don't really feel like remaking that. I had a few other really weird concepts that I played with as a kid and I'm thinking that one of those would lend itself better to a remake. Should I enter with one of those or is this a first-game-only event?

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Thanks for the heads up -- will look into it -- need to clean up the code, was a rushed job at times.

Edit: this has been fixed

thanks for the feedback -- the AI could use some improvement. I might end up revisiting this game and upgrading the AI / releasing a version with different graphics. glad you enjoyed it!

thanks for the feedback!  we might end up revisiting it depending on the overall response we get. I'd like to improve the AI, add more characters and an overarching quest. 

here you go 

Its in this section (see screen shots below) -- not sure if that tells you much. i'll try to take a video. i'm able to fly off the screen and my guy doesn't die -- this time i didn't have control of him anymore just got stuck off screen

Nice minimalistic graphics.

There seems to be a bug with the character randomly disappearing... I could still move left to right and the camera would scroll, but couldn't move anywhere else. I could also shoot and hear the shots, but couldn't see any of the bullets.

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Hi all -- I'm a professional software engineer and aspiring game developer / designer. Currently I'm working on a few different 2D games as well as a 3D planet generator asset built with C# and HLSL in Unity3d. I have been working on prototypes for years while learning the tricks of the trade and hope to release a full game this year.

I'm also interested in making friends and collaborating with other developers so drop me a line if you need a dev and we'll talk.