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A hack-n-slash/bullet-hell shooter
Submitted by Anuke — 1 day, 33 minutes before the deadline
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I love the graphics style. Music works well. The core gameplay controls feels good but I think the difficulty is way too high. I got to the second area I think but it seemed very similar and I didn't find anything to really help. I didn't feel like I was making meaning full progress. I saw that there are at least 2 other weapons but couldn't find them. I'd like the damage your weapons do be multiplied by 5 or more so most enemies are 1 or 2 hits. Also increase enemy damage, but make it easier to avoid. Maybe add some knockback to enemies so it's easier to control them. An easier way to switch between close and ranged attacks would also help.


If you're using the starter sword, most enemies can be killed with one or two charge attacks. Perhaps this should've been more clear, but the staff is only supposed to be used in situations where it's very hard to use a sword, and thus staves have very low damage. 

As for weapon switching, I'm not sure how to make it easier-- there's already scrollwheel and number selection support...?


I didn't know there was a charge attack. Maybe try charge attack on same button as regular attack, if you hold it down. Otherwise it's a waste of a button. That opens up right mouse button to equip ranged/secondary weapon with it's own charge attack. I tried again, and as a player I'd like more direction. Where should I go, what should I do? A map would help with that. Also anything that carries over between deaths would help give more momentum. I noticed that health also refills slowly which makes me feel like that is a crutch for the difficulty being too high, and easily exploited when it feels like players should be rewarded for moving forwards rather then waiting. I also noticed in just the first area there are 4 different shapes of enemy projectiles, I'm not sure what the difference is in terms of damage or otherwise, it's not very obvious. I'd recommend limiting it to fewer projectile types with very clear differences, either large damage increase or status effect change. Also having enemies throw out less projectiles at a time so they are more easily avoidable. I hope this is all helpful feedback, this game has a lot of potential!


Wow, procedural map! really nice.
What engine is this?


This was made using libGDX and Java. (I wouldn't call it an engine, really-- it's more of a framework)


It is a nice looking and very pleasant game to play. Good Job!