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I really appreciate games that match song to gameplay. The one thing where games fall behind cinema is that music hardly match with action. This should really be explored more often.

BTW, your logo is beautiful, but it's too hard to read. It could cause marketing problems.

Wow, procedural map! really nice.
What engine is this?

I really like the concept. Kind of a deadly snooker!
The two guns firing separately give it a nice depth of strategy too.
My only suggestion is to place the walls in more straight angles. I think it would make the game more tactical if the bouncing where more predictable.

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I already posted my old game. When I post the remade version, should I make a new entry? or replace the older entry?

I guess could just include a link to the new game in the old game's page. This way people will play old  first and then the remake.

Any thoughts?