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Survive the infection as a white blood cell!
Submitted by wr41thx (@wr41thx) — 13 hours before the deadline
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Artistic Style#4693.0003.000

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  • PROGNOSIS FULL RECOVERY! Lasted all 8 min. Legit almost died in the final 5 seconds. Things get really crazy in the last 20 seconds or so haha! Had fun! Catchy music, good controls, and I really liked that you had some type of upgrade system in place. Nice use of the theme, and no noticeable bugs or issues. Also I appreciated the shape of the "bullets" used. Straight out of Biology 101 haha! Shows you put effort and thought into this. Overall, good job!

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Top down survival shooter where you are a white blood cell fighting infection. There is an extra layer as phages also infect bacteria and spread.

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Extra Notes
The web gl version has some graphical issues. The downloadable version appears to be fine. :)

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Controls are smooth and idea + theme implementation is great. 

I think I lost sight at some point, colors are very close to each other + the end game effects destroyed me
I learned more with this game than in biology classes !

Good game. Controls well. I'm pirating this game as per the theme of this jam.


lol, limewire


Loved the way antibodys hit the enemy cells and it gets stuck where it hits and the enemy cell becomes limp. Cool art, cool music, cool game. Love to see more of it


Thank you!  I used object pooling for the antibodies, bacteria, and phages.  Getting that sticking effect to work and not break the object pooling systems was A HUGE PAIN (so im happy you enjoyed it, haha).


Had a good bit of fun playing this. Love the visuals and moment to moment gameplay felt great.

It did get absolutely insane after a while and, granted that is part of the fun, scaling the enemies stats as well as their numbers might result in a better overall experience. Or at least a allow the round to go on a bit longer before getting so chaotic.

Loved it, great work! ❤️


Thank you!   I really enjoyed your submission as well!  


Damn this is a fun game.
Great music track as well a s nice difficulty curve and ugrades.
Awesome and well polished feel.


This was really fun! Nice and polished game. I love the sound effects.
Don't have any real criticism except that the upgrades was hard to understand what they were first time around they popped up, but other then that it delivered! 


Thank you!!


The instructions were a little hard for me to read at first since the font is the same throughout, but mostly beecause the position of the instructions vs. input swap (e.g. It says MOVE above WASD then it says HOLD LEFT MOUSE above SHOOT). Really great visual style in-game and very very good choice of music. The pace of the game fit very well it.  Sound effects matched perfectly with it, too.


Sorry about that!  I'll keep that in mind for future UI design!  Really appreciate the feedback!


I love the art and sound design!! It really adds to the feel of the game. 

Also, the shape of the projectiles is so cool, and thematic. And very satisfying to spear a bacterium and watch it float inertly. 

Maybe I'm just too good (lol sure), but I felt maybe the upgrades came a bit too thick and fast? 

Really enjoyed it. 


Thank you


Great work. Played a few rounds and really enjoyed them. Great work on the bonuses. I love me some rogue likes!


Thank you! :)