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Ask your questions here! Sticky

A topic by Fantastic Arcade Gamemaking Frenzies created Oct 30, 2017 Views: 212 Replies: 7
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Howdy gang! If you took part in either Duplicade or Barfcade, then you know the rules- 30 second 2 player games on a theme that we'll let two contestants play live at Fantastic Arcade. We'll stream the event on Sunday November 19th as it happens on the Venus Patrol twitch channel! If you've got questions ask them here, and tag your progress with #phonyisland on twitter. Good Luck and stay tuned as we announce the secret ingredient at the start of the jam!


I have a few questions.

- Should the game have a title screen or should the game begin immediately?

- Can/should the game have music?

- Can the game end with both players winning or losing (a draw), or should there be a winner and a loser at the end of the game?

Logistical question: What is our target screen size and pixel density?

Host (1 edit)

1 Title screen is optional and doesn’t subtract from your 30 seconds if you make one

2 Music is good! 

3 Games can end in draws or in no winners at all. We will tally players points as the show goes. 

4 You can assume 1920x1080 resolution, we’ll be plugged into a stage projector. 


Question about how the game should flow. If we have a title screen and/or ending screen to show the winner, should they progress automatically or is it okay to wait for input from the players before the game starts or closes?


it’s up to you if you want to wait for user input to pass the attract screen, but I’d probably automatically quit shortly after you display the winner screen. The only portion that needs a 30 sec timer is the gameplay. 


does the game need to have controller input?


Hi Lance! No, the game needs to use keyboard input.  Check the instructions for the keys.