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I'll take a look at this again today, if I can't fix it quickly I'll just send a refund.

Thank you for the report- I'll take a look at this. I think it's an issue with Lua include paths.

Called it.

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Release 10 ended up being a simpler release, with the territory system having full rosters, and a local champion, but there is no real ranking system or sanity to the booking for each match. Release 11 will have some combination of wrestler rankings and  the concept of "match quality".

Thanks for the bug report! I've been meaning to fix a few small bugs in DIG_IT and bring over my new packaging scripts so it's easier to push updates. I had considered limiting screen changes to the Y axis, since that would also play into the vertical nature of the screen (and make more sense for my planned iOS port which hasn't happened yet).

Thanks for playing and caring enough to say so. I won't really consider DIG_IT "done" until I get map export working, I think.

this comment has made me rethink how I'm displaying the player location. I've changed it up, and now the middle of your body is the tile that you occupy. Doesn't do multi-tile occupancy yet, though.

Got it. Thanks rxi

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I would like to push out an update which gets my game closer to being complete, but I want to honor the game jam rules and not screw peolpe over in the voting department. How does that work on itch?

Thanks you playing and commenting! This is an amusing bug which I left in because it is useful: the player can "squeeze" through narrow passages. I may create a new sprite that illustrates that it is happening, so it doesn't feel like a bug.

Thanks for playing and commenting! Probably what comes next is making it so NPCs can climb toward you, and I'm adding the ability to set traps for them.

Thanks for trying it out! I'll be adding ladders and/or grappling hooks (so the NPCs can climb up toward you!) soon, which will make it much more... game-like.

Match quality may still happen for Release 10, but is likely to be pushed back to Release 11.

Instead of going for territory booking, we're going to go full-on ROH. Matches will have a quality rating, which will take into account your both your wrestlers and your opponents skill, health, any random events in the match, and how hard you tried during the match. Good matches give you more fans. This will give us a stronger building block for AI bookers making good booking decisions, territory popularity growing and falling, and your progression as a wrestler.

This is incredible.

Logistical question: What is our target screen size and pixel density?

It's gonna be a long winter. I might not get to too much Rassler shit for awhile. We'll see. Here are the holdovers from Release 9.

  • Booking - Bookers of a territory will choose who wins and loses based on how popular they are, how much they like you, how well the town is doing.
  • Territories - If a booker puts on a lot of crappy matches, popularity will drop. Likewise, if they put on a bunch of great stuff and the fans love it, popularity will rise.
  • Alignment - Your character will be a face or heel. There will be times when you switch. Wrestling matches will now have your alignment taken into account with regard to how many fans you gain from them. There will be a new "Fan Sentiment" meter which will show how the fans feel about you and will change over time by how hard you work and how lucky you get.

That's all I have for now. I'll probably toss in some more random events, too, which will affect the new alignment system.

Here's the devlog for Release 9

I just realized that I haven't added any of these legit feature requests to the roadmap. I've been working a lot on the early part of the game and making it more exciting, but Release 10 will include some form of "change gimmick / gear" to keep the long game interesting. Thanks again for the thoughtful suggestions @TheGoldenBolt.

We're getting some pretty fun results to the new Finisher system. Here's a sneak peek of that and the new RasslerCards display:

The Release 9 AKA The Booking Update planning thread has been started

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Release 9 should be out sometime before thanksgiving. It will contain a few small and a few big changes, potentially including but not limited to:

  • Booking- Matches will have endings determined by the local wrestling boss beforehand. You'll know their names and they'll have stats of their own. Sometimes you'll just get booked higher or lower on the card for no reason, but usually the booker will be making a choice based on how much money they think you'll bring in. Sometimes they just won't like you.
  • Procedural finishers! Your character and other wrestlers will have finishing moves.
  • Some new wrestler costumes.
  • An overhaul to the intro and character generation screen. They're so gross.
  • Probably some new merch, I was thinking of doing a run of little 1" buttons. I'm trying to stay away from stickers, but maybe those too.

Later on, there will be stuff like persistent conditions (long-term injury, drug rehabbing, brain chemistry being off, etc), and an actual map of travel between matches w/ hotels, random events, etc.

the Rassler release schedule at this point is: Don't let more than 2 weeks go by without a feature release or an ehancement.

Thank you!

Losing matches is hard-coded because I was too lazy to finish the subsystem which determines that. I guess it's also subtle political commentary? It's slated for the next release or maybe the one after that. Skill is actually more like "how good of a pro wrestler are you," instead of "how likely are you to win." Rivalries and titles are on the roadmap (which I should post soon).

It's funny you should mention going on the road, previous versions of Rassler were explicitly doing this (each match was in a different town) but it didn't feel like it meant anything in the state it was in, so I ditched it until I had time to make it meaningful. Heading down the road is definitely central to the pro wrestler experience I want to provide.

Gear change is a great idea. That might go in the next release, it'll help with the "endgame" a lot.

Thanks for the thoughtful feedback.

This thread is for player requests. What do you want to see in the next versions of Rassler? Want a specific rassler to be made into a magnet? Got any suggestions for rewards? Lay it on me.

Give that 64-bit build a try, just uploaded.

Weird, the binary I built was supposed to work for both. I'll get a 64-bit version out today. Thanks!

That's odd! Can you do me a favor, and check if will run on your PC without the error message?

Are you getting an error?

Made some tweaks to the system with the newest update, should provide for more... compelling choices for now, until the random events system is implemented.

Yeah. The in-between-match time is poorly thought out, overall. It's still playable, but there's not as much strategy to it (or randomness, either) as I'd like.

I just pushed a fresh build, which resolves that issue.

I just pushed a fresh build, should be all fixed.

Oh! That's an easy fix. Check the newest version.

I do not have any way to test Windows here right now, so lmk if it fails and I'll do a fresh build.

I added your first and last name to the game for this fwiw

I guess someday I should respond to this feedback, huh?

The dollar award: Actually that's by design! Maybe not the most fun for games, but wrestlers rarely get paid more for working harder. It's a weird system.

More fans means more people coming to your show just to see you, meaning bigger attendance numbers and more money.

I agree! Some day. It looks like you've got a line on some really good 2D artists...