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Rassler - Pro Wrestling Career RPG

Live out your life as a professional wrestler in the territorial era. · By Phil Nelson

Player Feature Requests (That means you!) Sticky

A topic by Phil Nelson created Jul 12, 2017 Views: 334 Replies: 3
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This thread is for player requests. What do you want to see in the next versions of Rassler? Want a specific rassler to be made into a magnet? Got any suggestions for rewards? Lay it on me.

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Just a few things I've noticed so far, I've only been playing maybe 20 minutes, keep in mind.

A few hundred days in and I haven't won a match, I don't see any indication of how I'm supposed to win matches, what the skill levels of my opponents are, the odds of victory, etc. - I feel like this would be a good thing to drive forward the idea that you're making progress, if you see more than just a vague-ish "Skill" stat.  Longer term, once you're further down the road obviously, I'd love to see some sort of championship and rivalry system!  Maybe give the players the option of working up a ladder, and even further down the road, add an option to lock into/jump from promotions to rival promotions.  Just spitballing, really!

Oh, actually, one more, you should absolutely add a very expensive DDP Yoga equivalent to up your max health.  Money is kind of meaningless at a certain point in the game right now, so having other options like that, a "change gear/gimmick" option that can reroll your fan stat a bit, etc., would be neat.


Losing matches is hard-coded because I was too lazy to finish the subsystem which determines that. I guess it's also subtle political commentary? It's slated for the next release or maybe the one after that. Skill is actually more like "how good of a pro wrestler are you," instead of "how likely are you to win." Rivalries and titles are on the roadmap (which I should post soon).

It's funny you should mention going on the road, previous versions of Rassler were explicitly doing this (each match was in a different town) but it didn't feel like it meant anything in the state it was in, so I ditched it until I had time to make it meaningful. Heading down the road is definitely central to the pro wrestler experience I want to provide.

Gear change is a great idea. That might go in the next release, it'll help with the "endgame" a lot.

Thanks for the thoughtful feedback.


I just realized that I haven't added any of these legit feature requests to the roadmap. I've been working a lot on the early part of the game and making it more exciting, but Release 10 will include some form of "change gimmick / gear" to keep the long game interesting. Thanks again for the thoughtful suggestions @TheGoldenBolt.