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Rassler - Pro Wrestling Career RPG

Live out your life as a professional wrestler in the territorial era. · By Phil Nelson

Release 9 Planning Thread - The Booking Update Locked

A topic by Phil Nelson created Sep 17, 2017 Views: 403 Replies: 2
This topic was locked by Phil Nelson Oct 02, 2017

Release 9 is released!

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Developer (1 edit)

Release 9 should be out sometime before thanksgiving. It will contain a few small and a few big changes, potentially including but not limited to:

  • Booking- Matches will have endings determined by the local wrestling boss beforehand. You'll know their names and they'll have stats of their own. Sometimes you'll just get booked higher or lower on the card for no reason, but usually the booker will be making a choice based on how much money they think you'll bring in. Sometimes they just won't like you.
  • Procedural finishers! Your character and other wrestlers will have finishing moves.
  • Some new wrestler costumes.
  • An overhaul to the intro and character generation screen. They're so gross.
  • Probably some new merch, I was thinking of doing a run of little 1" buttons. I'm trying to stay away from stickers, but maybe those too.

Later on, there will be stuff like persistent conditions (long-term injury, drug rehabbing, brain chemistry being off, etc), and an actual map of travel between matches w/ hotels, random events, etc.


We're getting some pretty fun results to the new Finisher system. Here's a sneak peek of that and the new RasslerCards display:


Here's the devlog for Release 9

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