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Rassler - Pro Wrestling Career RPG

Live out your life as a professional wrestler in the territorial era. · By Phil Nelson

Release 10 Planning Thread

A topic by Phil Nelson created Oct 04, 2017 Views: 224 Replies: 3
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It's gonna be a long winter. I might not get to too much Rassler shit for awhile. We'll see. Here are the holdovers from Release 9.

  • Booking - Bookers of a territory will choose who wins and loses based on how popular they are, how much they like you, how well the town is doing.
  • Territories - If a booker puts on a lot of crappy matches, popularity will drop. Likewise, if they put on a bunch of great stuff and the fans love it, popularity will rise.
  • Alignment - Your character will be a face or heel. There will be times when you switch. Wrestling matches will now have your alignment taken into account with regard to how many fans you gain from them. There will be a new "Fan Sentiment" meter which will show how the fans feel about you and will change over time by how hard you work and how lucky you get.

That's all I have for now. I'll probably toss in some more random events, too, which will affect the new alignment system.


Instead of going for territory booking, we're going to go full-on ROH. Matches will have a quality rating, which will take into account your both your wrestlers and your opponents skill, health, any random events in the match, and how hard you tried during the match. Good matches give you more fans. This will give us a stronger building block for AI bookers making good booking decisions, territory popularity growing and falling, and your progression as a wrestler.


Match quality may still happen for Release 10, but is likely to be pushed back to Release 11.


Called it.