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Fantastic Arcade Gamemaking Frenzies

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You can check out games from last year's jam which had the same basic rules here: http://itch.io/jam/barfcade

Please show win or lose for both players! that's all that's needed. both losing or a tie is fine.

Posted in Screen Size

The players will see it on a widescreen monitor, and the audience will see it on a projector. I believe the projector is 1280x720 so it will probably mirror that on the monitor, even though the monitor is capable of a higher resolution.

The game will be automatically launched by a game launcher frontend. We may be able to get the launcher to open the script instead of the exe.

no, they don't have to be used.

Posted in Screen Size

800x600 is fine. I think the max red is 1280x720, so best to stay under that.

Posted in File Extension?

exe's are best since they need to be able to self quit after the play period ends. For last year's games check out barfcade: http://itch.io/jam/barfcade/feed

Posted in question

Ties are fine! that could be one point for each player or no points for either player.