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ty for making this

Didn't realize I could control other wolves at first. Also tried to lunge at an enemy but died anyway.

I enjoyed the graphics most of all.

Really neat graphics and overall design. Highest score i got was 55.

it was very hard and fun to avoid the swords, but after a while it gets frustrating.

Sweet music, graphics and gameplay. It was neat to flood the entire room with corpses of toast

Neat mechanic. Was hard to tell how I lost lives though.

Had tons of fun spinning around in the desert, punching strangers into space. Some things could have been done as far as your game page but w/e

At first I had no idea what to even do, or even if the game had started or not. After I realized there was something I was looking for, The game became tedious. I really enjoyed the aesthetic, though.

P cool mechanic and gameplay, and I really like the graphics.

I thought for a while I could step on some things (flowers, mushrooms) but keep forgetting i cant.

Really neat how the fly sound changes pitch according to how fast it moves. 

Gameplay is p rad, as well as graphics. 

For a while I thought the balloon randomly stopped drawing once it reached the top of the room but then i realized it's snapping to the bottom.

Can't play this because I don't have gm:s 2 :<

p fun and interesting. probably the sweetest example of an arcade game made in 100 lines of code

didn't know that everything has to be the same rotation at first. Pretty neat concept though.

Super neat level design. Reminds me of VVVVVV and !!!!!!

Gameplay and level design were good, and music was awesome. At first I thought the candy could kill me if i touched it, but then i figured out that that was the enemies' job.

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p neat music and gameplay. got a score of 288.

btw it's "explosion" and not "explotion"

Gets hard and fun super fast.

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press/hold down any of the letters on your keyboard (a-z.) each one does something different each time you select a canvas.

actually p cool and challenging. i lost 2 times and won 1 time after discovering that i could press q.

Actually pretty neat. Would've appreciated seeing controls.

Not sure if the objective for this was jokeful or serious, but appreciate it either way.

Loved the shadows on the sprites, and how they were drawn without code. Took me a while to figure out that specific enemies needed specific-color bullets, and somewhat bugged me that the colors seemed mismatched. Would've been nice to have a sort of fanfare or victory screen after killing 100 enemies instead of the game quitting.

Was not able to play the game as an exe.

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Got over ten thousand money, and somehow managed to make two towers after clicking on the ground randomly. The main thing i liked was the music, but that was it.

Still, really impressive considering it's your first gamejam game.

Very frustrating and fun game. Mechanic was interesting, graphics were nice, music was p neat although the fact that it kept resetting bugged me. I got as far as the fourth/fifth room (i lost count.)

Was interesting, even as i played by myself. There could be improvements, graphics and sound for example.

Had some fun playing this, would've been cool if there was a combo display but sound sufficed.

Really cool twist on asteroids. Game felt very balanced and enjoyable. 

got a score of 89.

really enjoyed mechanics; it was very difficult for me to get past level 2 but is superb for the jam's constraints.

Should've tried to add something that shows controls; enjoyed it however. Got a score of 470.

Really cool usage of music, as well as gameplay. I only got to lvl 3 because i forgot to jump

vm liked the gameplay mechanic, and how sheep could also eat beets.

Hi I will attempt to do my first gamedev stream:

feel free to share yours!

this was a fun thing, the art and voice acting made it shine

omg rotoscoping is so good

kirby physics are my new feels