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I have a few questions.

- Should the game have a title screen or should the game begin immediately?

- Can/should the game have music?

- Can the game end with both players winning or losing (a draw), or should there be a winner and a loser at the end of the game?

This is really really great.

Maybe the best game I have ever played from

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This game is great. While its quite simple, which is an advantage, the game feel is amazing. The camera, animation, controls and movement, art, and lighting are all great. While the mechanic depth of the game is shallow, this makes it feel super deep. It was made in a game jam, so there was obviously a short time to make the game, but I think the enemies should feel a little more orthogonal. Super good though.

This is a really great simplistic platformer. It looks wonderful, and there's a great amount of detail put into the movement in the camera and the terrain. The enemies feel orthogonal and distinct, which is really nice. It feels great to play.

To improve, I think it could have some variation in combat, because it feels too simplistic at times.

This game is great and is super promising! Well done!