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A jam submission

LeapsOfFaithView game page

GitHub OpenJam 2018 submission
Submitted by Mr-DJ0

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LeapsOfFaith's page


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Source code

Tools used
Game engine ~ Unity3D
Art ~ GIMP
Animator ~ Synfig animator / Piskel
Sounds and Audio ~ Audacity
File transfer/ communication ~ Discord

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Interesting start. I included it in my Open Jam 2018 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


r a t i n g   b e c a u s e   w h y   n o t


The music was great, but i didn't understand what to do in both modes, and in inifinity mode if you fall the level does not restart, the only way to start again is closing the game. 

Still i liked the art and the doggo.

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Jam Host

The source code link seems to go to the game page on itch, but there is no source code listed there.  I also didn't see it in the rar file.  Could you provide the source code?

It must have been edited, it's in a Dropbox file under "Source Code".

Jam Host

I like the doggo!  

I did have a lot of trouble figuring out what to do in the game.  In infinity mode, giving a little lead time to get accustomed to the controls would be very nice.  In survival mode, I couldn't figure out what the gun was for, but again, hanging out with the doggo was fun.  Was the dog an enemy?  I saw health bars but no way to take/give damage.  

The music was quite nice, and the character animations were very cool as well.  

Thanks for your comment, yes the gun was a little problem when we tried to implement it. The doggo is an enemy of which you can't take damage. There is a healbar because you can be hurt trough the eggs of the chicken.

The music was really well made by our musician Kurt and the anamations were made by Trev.

We hope you had a lot of fun playing our game!

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Deleted post

You forgot to include the control for jumping (W) in the instruction.  So, it was quite confusing on how to make progress.

Not sure how the gun was suppost to come into play.


Thanks I will change this in a minute. The gun was firstly made to take down enemies we planned on having in the game, but on which we hadn't gotten time to add.

Hope you had much fun playing the game!