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A jam submission

OakMoore: Protector of the TreesView game page

You are Oakmoore, a sentient treant, your job is to protect the last tree from the evil lumberjacks.
Submitted by unlikeplatypus, Jacquain, legotower — 8 hours, 16 minutes before the deadline

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Tools used
Unity, flash, Photoshop, OBS, Gimp and onlinesequencer.

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Jam Host(+1)

Brilliant using clay for the tree and guardian sprite!  It came out so good and the music complemented it perfectly!  My only suggestion would be to add some more sound fx,  like when you knock down a lumber jack and when the lumber jacks are hitting the tree.    Awesome game!

Jam Judge(+2)

Nice graphics! I included it in my Open Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Thanks! To heal the tree you need to HOLD left click :P


Lovely and unique aesthetic, but the gameplay desperately needs some depth. A cool little jam game nonetheless. I think you should work on the mechanics and make a post jam release, the art deserves it (I hope I'm not being too harsh on the programmer, you did a good job as well!).

I would've loved using different controls (keyboard only), but seems like instead of using the Unity input system you hardcoded them so I couldn't even change them in the launcher. Also this happened:

I guess the launcher was too big to fit into the space my tiling window manager wanted it to go to. I changed it to floating mode and it looked normal again, so not really a problem.

Jam Host(+2)

Very impressive.  I'm still amazed at the hand sculpted clay figures.  They look great!  The branchy rooty font is really sweet too.  I'm curious about the K key which makes you fall down, is that for a mechanic that had to be dropped?  


OakMoore is overly dramatic lol, it's a fun little death animation


The K key was for testing purposes. I guess I forgot to take that out xD if you just press R he will stand back up. Sorry about that. I will update the game and take that out.

Jam Host(+2)

I don't mind!  I found the R key as well to make him stand back up.  Felt like I found an easter egg. :)


Love the art! Having the flowers spawn on the ground where you are healing was a really cool touch.  I also enjoyed your choice of music.

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Played it in Chrome browser, worked well. Triggering the healing function with  the mouse is a bit inconcenient, I would have preferred pressing another key  to do so. The possibilities in the game are a bit limited, you have basically only one strategy. The different drawings of the tree look nice.