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For someone that already owns 4coder 4.0, I need to buy version 4.1 in order to upgrade?

Just wrapping up the first day working on my game. I started at 10:30am EST today. I did not get nearly enough done on the project today, so hopefully I'll be more productive throughout the week! I'll only be working on the game for a couple hours each evening after work.

The basic premise of the game, is you are a spirit with the ability to swap souls with an enemy. This allows you to transfer all of the enemy abilities to yourself, and vice-versa. The idea is that you will start with no way to attack, and must swap with an enemy to gain their attacking abilities. You will only be able to hold onto the new abilities for a limited amount of time before you will need to swap with another enemy.

So far, I've got the basics for swapping implemented, along with an ECS to make this easier. I'm writing my own engine for the game, using ClojureScript.

Not much to show at this point, but here is a screenshot of my testing room.

Great video! Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! I did have a tough time balancing the difficulty of the game. It seemed too easy to me as well, but I wasn't sure if that was because I played it a million times haha. 

Originally, I did have the player die by having their effectiveness drop to zero, but did not have a clear victory goal. When I added in the high score piece at the end, I ended up removing the death mechanic and just relied on the drop in effectiveness. 

Really enjoyed the game! I think adding some movement to the enemy AI, and perhaps ramping up the difficulty over time would make it even better.

The page lists this as being compatible with Linux, but I don't see any Linux compatible executable in the download. Is there a way to run this in Linux, or is it Windows only?

License added, sorry about that!

Very cool! The art and board animations are well done.  I did think the audio was a little harsh, but enjoyed it overall!

Love the art! Having the flowers spawn on the ground where you are healing was a really cool touch.  I also enjoyed your choice of music.

I downloaded the Linux build, and tried running it, but it won't start and prints this error: "Error: Could not load game path '.'."

Is there a specific way to launch the game other than making the .bin executable and executing it?

Thanks for the feedback! I definitely agree about the movement speed. I had planned on making a bunch of tweaks to the movement towards the end of the jam, but just ran out of time!