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Quick question: What are the white ones?

This was honestly a really fun game, I loved everything about it, I usually don't play exploration games, but this was a nice change of pace while still having me run for my life lol

You got me, I thought Blue's Clues was making its way on to the scene. I really like where you taking your artstyle and sound in these games, congrats on moving Dracula into beta as well.

Hello, Darkness, my old friend

Dave, when do we get to give Berry the stabby stab?

This was a fun one, I was immediately put on edge when the enemies started breaking my ankles. I wasn't expecting all my trash talk about Toy Story 3 to bite me in the ass until today. Keep up the good work,  I need to go clean my car, I didn't wipe my feet on the way out of the store, gg.

Keep up the good work, Dave, your games are very fun, I'm looking forward the next one *cough* *cough* don't want to spoil it lol. Now I need to work on that new 5th ending.

Thanks, it smooth sailing once I realized the board tells you what is banned lol

You got me, although I did wholeheartedly expected a jumpscare though

I am liking these games, man. Parody or not, they scare the crap out of me lol

Great game, keep those ducks out of my airport though, or else.

Thanks for the games man, they are really fun, but damn you scared the crap out of me with that whole survive for two minutes thing. Oh and everything was a

lot smoother too.

This was a fun game, just don't juice me.

OakMoore is overly dramatic lol, it's a fun little death animation