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Skelly (Alpha - WIP)View game page

Game project created for the OGA Winter Game Jam. Featuring ZX Spectrum graphics and game play inspired by Dizzy games.
Submitted by chasersgaming (@denchaser) — 1 day, 2 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Story / narrative#13.8144.000
Graphics / Artwork#14.5774.800
Music / Sound#24.0054.200

Ranked from 5 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Fantastic!   This one had me right from the faux-loading screen, complete with authentic high pitch squeals, my son complained they were loud and annoying, which is true but they still made me smile!  :)

Game itself is very fun!   Got a fun puzzle solving vibe to it.  It's less about platforming and quick reflexes (although there's a touch of that) and more about exploring and figuring where and how to use the different items you find.   
Graphics and sound are top notch.  Skelly looks excellent as do all the backgrounds.  Amazing what can be done with one color tiles!  
Music will have you busting a move!

Really great game here.  Took me way back to my C64 days, a really good retro experience that has a lot of the rough edges from the old days but still goes down silky smooth!


Well, the game needs some way of indicating that the entrance of the shrine is not the only option you have. I see that it has some puzzle on it (getting things to get other things). I like it. I would say that the game hook you up pretty easily if you understand that there's more than the shrine. I feel like it lacked the story part, but the game can stand by itself without it, i think.


Thanks for the comments. :) 

Yeah, there are some screen transition stuff i need to look at that would make it more obvious, Being a Spectrum inspired game, and giving it a 'Dizzy' like appeal  i assumed to much that players would understand how it would play sort of. Going forward i will 'tutorialise' (just made that word up) it's gameplay so players will better understand its 'world' and the story line, which there is one, although its a short one that will need flushing out, but it's something that came together during the 3 week jam and inspired from a member from the OGA community, you can find it on the game page description. :)

I'm pleased you liked it so far, and i appreciate your time for playing and the great feedback you have given me.  

Thanks :)


Love this game! The graphics are excellent and the music/sfx fit the game perfectly. The intro to the game is especially good :) Its just like a spectrum classic from back in the day. The gameplay is very interesting. I like how the puzzles are linked somehow. Very clever design. Of course you only got so far with this in the limited time frame but what you achieved is awesome. IMO the side borders that surround the game are a little off putting and it was unclear at first that the path wasn't blocked, if that makes sense? The top and bottom art works well with separating the UI though. Also the jump seems to have too much gravity. It might need a tweak? Just what I felt on first play.... Great game. Looking forward to some updates :)


Thanks for the positive feedback and i'm pleased you enjoyed your play through.  I agree with your thoughts on the screen edges, which i will experiment with in future updates, and i'l do the same with the jump. Actually tweaking that gravity variable might help me fix some of the collision issues. I was pleased with the Spectrum 'Start up' too and chuffed you mentioned it. :)

Thanks for playing ZomBCool! :)