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A downloadable game for Windows.
A downloadable game for Windows.
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Scarfy The Penguin-v2.01-setup.exe 16 MB
A downloadable game for Windows.

This is for the After Hours Jame Edition. Such a simple yet adorable and fun game! This is totally everything I love about retro games and platformers in general! Great controls and gameplay, and loveable characters. Music is repetitive but bright and happy. I would love a follow up!

A downloadable game for Windows.
Scarfy The Penguin v2.0 - Release Notes 03/10/20 Special 'After Hours Jam Edition' release! Completes and improves on the Jam build in more ways than you can shake a scarf at! Oh Scarfy! Another year, another migration for the penguin colon...
chasersgaming published a game 2 years ago
A downloadable game.
Once upon a time. The 'Underworld' was a very busy place, populated by the souls of the dead, and ruled by the infamous Grim Reaper. One day though, one of Grim Reapers minions grew tired of living under his rule and hatched a plan to 'deth...