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I don't know if i was clear, but i did not want to mean that the screen transirions make me feels i am lost. Actually, the part of getting kind of lost was a related to other thing: I had to frequently revisit already visited rooms to make sure I did not lose a peguin or a green yarnball. The absence of a minimap makes me go round and round. But i think it is part of the metroid-vania-thing.


Well, i just wished to show what i made. It's not much. Much was left unfinished. Sadly I had not time to make a complete game.

Well, the game needs some way of indicating that the entrance of the shrine is not the only option you have. I see that it has some puzzle on it (getting things to get other things). I like it. I would say that the game hook you up pretty easily if you understand that there's more than the shrine. I feel like it lacked the story part, but the game can stand by itself without it, i think.

Some controls and some screen transitions are buggy, but the game is pretty fun. You can get kind of lost, but i think it is more a part of the game than a issue. I loved the idea of giving abilities by acquiring new scarfs and the enemies, besides don't being much of a nuisance or difficulty, they are very well positioned and give you some trouble when going through rooms. Fun game to play.

Hi! I liked the game pretty much! I like how the soundtrack keeps the mistery feeling and the characters keep it funny. I would like to know if the quiz on the game's start has any consequence to the gameplay. Apparently, I am the Opulent Player. I tried to imagine more informal when asking the questions, because, in general, I tend to decide things on what I need or what I gotta need to do next when playing.

I liked how the game was just about fighting bosses, because it lets the other parts of the game be about solving puzzles and understanding the story. It gives a challenge but also offer some kind of relaxed gaming.

I think don't need to list my specs, because everything ran fine, but, just in case:

Intel Core i5 2.6GHz


Intel HD Graphics 4000

Windows  64 bits

PS: The 666 room freaked me out!

Doing this because I don't want to pick a idea that other person already picked up (between the OGA ideas)

I picked up the game kart idea.