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Say what idea you picked up here

A topic by TratsMariano created Feb 05, 2020 Views: 147 Replies: 7
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Doing this because I don't want to pick a idea that other person already picked up (between the OGA ideas)

I picked up the game kart idea.


I am interested in making an RPG based on the idea 15, "RPG in an underground world", by bobjh.

It has been a long time I wanted to make an RPG.

If it is too hard to make, I could switch to idea 3, "Sci-Fi game", by anti10188.

But idea 15 is for now, my first choice, so I will try making something with this one.

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I’m working on an idea inspired by danimals suggestion.:) only got a week on it, so I may not finish it, but we’re see. 

Ok, I did a quick Bear Wrestling test.  There's not many opengameart pieces of art to build from, but found a couple that work.  So far you just control a bear and the other seeks you out.  No wrassling yet.  

Nice one! that looks sick! BWF title match!


I am running with the 'an animal simulation' game idea, although everything pulled away from 'simulation' pretty quickly for my game, but I still think it'll be fun.


Well, i just wished to show what i made. It's not much. Much was left unfinished. Sadly I had not time to make a complete game.


too bad, this looks like it would have been fun!   Well, hang onto the project files, someday OGA is supposed to run a 'finish an old project' game jam.