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[Devlog] Hangover

A topic by mariusvnh created Jan 05, 2018 Views: 297 Replies: 9
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Hi everyone,

I'm 18 and I'm a french dev student and i waned to do my first game jam here (sorry for the spelling errors) .

I saw the theme and i wanted to respect it. So I started to work on a game on unity in 2D (top down).

You will discover the story when you will play it.

Now, i wanted to make a devlog but i will post only when i want to say something about my game advencement, so let's go !

Day 1: Tilemap, Collision, Movement and textboxes

Today I worked on the basic tilemap to have the basics to work on. I applyed the collision to a player sprite with the collision layer of the tilemap. My tilemap is splitted in 3 layers: 

- background for the ground

- Collider tilemap with the collision objects like walls and tables

- top layer with things on the table (by exemple)

After that, I worked on a movement system with standard keys (very easy to do) but the hardest was to set the player rotation in function of the mouse position (the player is always looking at the camera). Next i wrote a script that create textboxes with triggers, the player can now speak !

That's all for today, thanks for reading

See you next time :D

Bye !

Oooh a good start, I'm so curious to know more details :)


Intriguing! Do you have an idea for the general genre of the game, like action, drama, romance, etc.?

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Welcome back to my devlog !

First, I want to answer the queston of the genre of the game :) It will be a narrative experience

Day 2: Light and shading

Today I worked very very hard on a light system like the monaco game. I was inspired by some external scripts to raycast the light rays.

This is the result:

I really love the result.

Next, I worked on a shader that creates a yellow halo around object and created some interactions with specific items.

Thats all but that was very intersting and a hard work for the lights.

Bye !


I worked on a ambiant lightning and added some unity post processing to have a better style :)

The top-down view with a bleeding body made me think Hotline Miami, but then the lighting system immediately makes it obvious that this isn't a twitchy action-fest. This looks like a great engine for some really atmospheric scenes.


wow these light casts look really  incredible! i love some of the saturated color bleed where the light + shadow meet... it's very eerie. if you get the chance to capture gifs or video i'd love to see this in motion!


Due to student life, I can't dev this week ... :(

I will try to produce a game but it will be hard.

I come back Monday

(I will do the gifs next :) )

Bye !


Du to gif color conversion, the light is not very beautiful but it's quite good :


aaa this is honestly sooo haunting!! i'm honestly getting chills watching this recording play over...

really cool stuff!

Hi !

After a lot of work, i decided to get the hangover project bigger and i can't have a working build for friday.

So i decided to stop the work on the game jam.

Now i work with a writer to make a bigger game.

The game will have the same theme :)

you will be able to find the game on in one or two months

Here is the new devlog:

Bye !