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Welcome back to my devlog !

First, I want to answer the queston of the genre of the game :) It will be a narrative experience

Day 2: Light and shading

Today I worked very very hard on a light system like the monaco game. I was inspired by some external scripts to raycast the light rays.

This is the result:

I really love the result.

Next, I worked on a shader that creates a yellow halo around object and created some interactions with specific items.

Thats all but that was very intersting and a hard work for the lights.

Bye !


I worked on a ambiant lightning and added some unity post processing to have a better style :)

The top-down view with a bleeding body made me think Hotline Miami, but then the lighting system immediately makes it obvious that this isn't a twitchy action-fest. This looks like a great engine for some really atmospheric scenes.