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[Ludos' MFGJ Project] First Few Blocks

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Hiya! Welcome to my devlog!

I'm glad you're here. Do you want to know more about my project? Of course you do!

The project

While I still haven't a precise idea about the game I want to do, I still have several goals for it:

  • It will be a platformer. I simply love the genre!
  • It will have at least one level.  Yeah, my expectations aren't too high.

So... what to expect from this project?

Well, since I know the genre but not really what this game will be about, I'm going to focus on the gameplay, building a prototype and finding the mechanics that work and feel good, and then build the story and characters from there. Also, don't expect something serious. I love humorous content and I love making people laugh.

The engine

I'm using Godot 3.1, because I have some experience with it and, let's be honest here. I just like it a lot.

Where to find me?

Of course, I'm going to update this log (hopefully) daily. Besides that, you can find me on Twitter as @LudosGD and on my Tumblr blog. I'm way more active on Twitter, but I'll do my best to post on Tumblr too. Anyway, here you should find everything you need to know about my project!

Thank you!

Thanks for reading and have a great jam, whether you're making a game, or you just want to see many passionate and creative people doing their thing!



July, 6:

Between today and yesterday, I made quite a few things.

  • I'm using a tileset from the Godot 3.0 docs (I modified it a little), so I can build my level!
  • The player can jump and, if you press the down key, it will go down faster.
  • As for collisions, the player can collide successfully with walls and the ground, the level restarts when it collides with "bad" blocks (they seem angry!), and the level finishes when it collides with the "golden" block (in the screenshot, it's in the upper-left angle). The player is the green rectangle, while the enemies are the little red squares. Talking of enemies...
  • For now, the enemies can just walk to the right and fall if there's no ground under them. The player/enemy collision isn't there yet, in the next few days I should be able to build it. Worth noting that enemies and "bad" blocks don't collide either.
  • Made a "main menu" and a "credits" scene, but they have no graphics yet. My priority for now is the game mechanics, then I'll think about the other things.

I think that's all. Next thing to do will be making the other collisions and create my own tileset. Then I think I can start with the graphics!

I made a short video of my prototype, you can find it here on my Twitter, and here on my Tumblr! (I can't upload it here, sadly.)

Have a wonderful day!


It's alive!! What a magical feeling, seeing a newly created object move under your command.  You seem very organized, and I'm looking forward to the next update.

I also really appreciate that there's "successful" collisions, to be honest with you. I hope the golden blocks are happier to see me than the brick ones.


It's magical indeed! I love it too when even the tiniest bit works the way it should. It's a truly rewarding feeling!

Golden blocks are so friendly! They're always happy to see anyone!

Thank you for replying! :D


wow that's a lot of progress already!! it's awesome you're really focusing on mechanics and getting everything working.


Thank you! I used some pre-constructed code and tiles, so I didn't make everything from scratch, but I'm having so much fun, so I keep working for hours straight! These last two days I was a bit busy so I didn't make much progress, but I should be posting another update soon enough!



July 7, 8 and 9:

Because of some IRL stuff I wasn't able to really focus on the game, so I made little progress.

  • Now the enemies can collide with the player, hurray! Well, these collisions aren't perfect, but it's enough to make the game work properly.
  • Enemies and "bad" blocks can collide successfully and don't ignore each other. Maybe because they're both conspiring against the player. Who knows!
  • Thanks to some coding, now I can spawn many enemies in an easy and versatile way.

I didn't make any new screenshot because there isn't really anything new to see, but now that I have a functioning prototype, I'll create my own tileset and I'll (slowly) start with the graphics!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!


Hiya folks!

July, 10:

Some graphics?! Really?

Not top tier graphics, but still...

I have a lot of work to do for the graphics, but I'm happy with what I've done by now. I'm also happy with this "happy/angry" characterization for blocks and characters (enemies are still in beta-test form, but this should change soon). Maybe the floor tiles will have a more sober look in the end, but until then, HAPPY SMILES EVERYWHERE!


  • The player now has smoother movement!
  • The work on graphics has now begun! Every block but the enemy has a (possibly temporary) sprite!
  • Now that the player has a new shape, almost every collision has been modified.

Next things to do:

  • Refine the new player/bad block collision;
  • Do the enemy sprite;
  • Trying to tackle the animations!

Thanks for reading!

You can find me on Twitter as @LudosGD and on my Tumblr blog; I posted a new video about the project on both sites! Check regularly this devlog for updates!

Have a magical day!


Hiya! Welcome back!

The Work Continues...

The Enemies are alive!!!

Finally, our enemies have a face! They seem angry for something. Too bad.


  • For the 100000th time, I refined the player/bad blocks collisions because they caused a freeze sometimes. Well, now they shouldn't give problems anymore.
  • Enemies have a sprite that's also animated! It's just two frames, but it works so I'm proud of it.
  • I implemented the jump sound effect for the player. Now it makes the "boing" sound and it's fun!

What's next?

  • Improved graphics;
  • Animations for the player;
  • Music and other sound effects;
  • Level design;
  • Main menu and credits scene.

Thanks for reading!

I've posted a new video on my social media: @LudosGD on Twitter and my Tumblr blog! Check regularly this devlog for updates, and follow me on social media for more on the project!

Have a magical day!


Hiya, LudosGD here!

A... background!?!

What's new?

  • Improved graphics overall. Now the player feels more alive! Hurray!

What's to come?

There are quite a few things to do before... completing the game!?!

  • Music and more sound effects;
  • Death animation for the player;
  • Level design;
  • Decent main menu and credits scene.

Thanks y'all!

As always, there's a new video on my Twitter (@LudosGD) and on my Tumblr blog. Follow me for more on my project (and future projects!)

Thanks for reading, and stay awesome!



We made it!

With the official title of First Few Blocks, my project is now available for Mac, Windows and Linux here on! Let's talk about it!

What's new?

These last days were difficult for me: very little time to dedicate to the project and the deadline was rapidly approaching.  But we got a playable, one-leveled game, so let's dive into it!

  • Added main menu and "Congratulations" scene;
  • Death animation and sound effect! Now our misplays will be a bit more glorious — just a little bit.
  • Music finally added!
  • A challenging yet (hopefully) fun level for your platforming needs!

What's next?

Well, I think I'm going to consider this project closed. This Jam was a truly rewarding experience, and while there's no pride theme in the game, I am really proud of what I was able to pull off. Maybe it's a bit unpolished, sometimes buggy and one-leveled, but it's a lot more of what I thought I would be able to do. I really do hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed doing it.

As for next projects, stay tuned! You can follow me on Twitter (@LudosGD) and Tumblr (here) for more content and updates on future projects.

Thank you.

I want to thank the MyFirstGameJam community for being so awesome and I want to thank you, yes you, whether you're part of this community or a curious visitor. Thanks for reading and thanks for playing!

Have a fun day! See ya soon!


Oh hey!

First Few Blocks is now playable on browser!

Go ahead and give it a try!

The game doesn't work on Safari but it should work on Chrome and Firefox. Try refresh a couple of times if it doesn't work; if you have issues of any kind, don't hesitate to contact me. Have fun!

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