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[dev log] the shrine

A topic by J created Jul 11, 2016 Views: 231 Replies: 5
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Host (1 edit) (+6)

hello! i'm j, one of your RAs and late to my own dang party. i love games about space, plants, witches, and forests... and for this jam i'm creating a game about forests, plants, and spirits! (and maybe witches?!?)

the concept

a voiceless being wanders out into the forest every night to gather up to 3 seeds. they return by morning to plant them, and slowly begin to cultivate a small garden. the seedlings draw the attention of forest spirits who visit the greenhouse (or shrine ?!? i cant decide). it's possible they have come to watch their descendants grow. there's not much beyond this so far but i'm excited to see where it takes me...

my goals

i really hope to flex my New Baby Unity C# Skills and even try creating a shader or two O'': !! more than anything i want to create a peaceful and mysterious environment to explore.


unfortunately my tablet is totally! trashed! so all my sketches have been pencil... i really love the idea of Weird Forests so i've been kicking around some tree and plant designs.

i also really liked the idea of ghosts/spirits taking forms similar to trees or somehow starting to gain form over time as your own garden grows. they would wander around and look at the plants and then leave peacefully ;;;

assets so far

IT LOOKS VERY RIDICULOUS but i knocked out a tree mesh, a silhouette, and a greenhouse. still deciding on atmosphere + colors and what look exactly the shaders should get across. here's some testing of the camera + 3rd person camera.... i originally wanted to do 1st person but i liked demonstrating the relationship between a character and the environment... it feels more observational.

my immediate goals:

  • finalize at least 3 tree assets
  • create shrine asset
  • fix npc ai bug

eyes emojis all over this >:3c I love your sketches and your plant themes and plant friends!!


those concept sketches are beautiful! I love the idea behind this, gentle games like this are so wonderful

Jam Host(+1)

j we like the exact same things

remind me 2 tell u one day about my grumpy boneseer forest witch oc bc i feel like u might like her


one of our "RAs" lmao

good luck growin thems plants


THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! im emotional you're all very kind.

in the last two days i learned how not to rename your script and also how trigger boxes worked in unity. now you can pick up plants.

threw on a quick gradient texture

picking up functionality + fog!! look at that nice soft horizon.

thinking on it i'd kind of like if the character transformed on picking up/holding plants?? idk. it might make more sense as floaty UI but i love dying honestly.

in the next day (or two at this rate) i'd love to:

  • oh i have to finish my goals from last time
  • ok but imagine if the environment colors changed
i'm really excited to see everyone's work... keep it up friends!