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A jam submission

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2-4 players use a single mouse to feed and survive!
Submitted by JWest — 4 hours, 25 minutes before the deadline
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Technical Implementation#202.2363.000

Ranked from 5 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game apply the limitation (and optionally, the theme)?
2-4 players all fight for control over a single mouse input. All interactions with the game, including pausing an menus, are performed only with the mouse. The game takes place on a far-away planet, where life is only just beginning to form.

Team Size

Solo (1)

What main engine/tool/language did you use to construct the game?
GameMaker Studio 2

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neat concept, but making a multiplayer exclusive game for a jam is not usually the greatest idea, haha


hahah yeah I don’t usually do jams like this very often, lesson learned


I especially liked the effect of the cell wall rotating and warping, very nice!

Unfortunately, I don't have other players to test with, but I like the idea of multiple brains fighting for control. Also, I tried playing a 2 player match and the unused colors still appeared in the game. Also, the game itself froze once the match ended. Perhaps it was trying to get rid of a player who didn't exist?


Yeah, you hit the bug that I’ve been dying to upload a fix for.  It’s exactly as you thought, the game is tracking the scores of the other brain colors if you started a game with less than 4 players.  Pretty big oversight on my part...

It has since been fixed though, and the unused colors of food have also been updated to only reflect the colors of the brains in play.  Unfortunately though I can’t upload those fixes until the voting period ends.

Still thanks for playing, and thanks for the feedback!


I like the idea, even though I couldn't test it in multiplayer. I can imagine that depending on the players, the fight for the mouse could quite escalate :D Also the design is really consistent.


Neat idea. It was fun, i imagine it be more fun if I could have tried it multiplayer. Good job 


Thanks!  Yeah, in hindsight a multiplayer game wasn’t really a good idea for the jam, but I liked the concept and wanted to give it a try anyway.  Thanks for the feedback!


Quite a good game

Welle crafted by the way

i was alone a multi player game for game jam not the perfect choice if you want feedbacks (especially during this covid time).

Maybe something to improove is to get a score at the end of each game to see how many cells was eaten by each brain so it will drive the competition. Now it seem arbitrary in the fire of action some player could feel it frustrated or unfare.

it was also good to add some randomness to the movement good idea.


Thanks for the feedback!  I agree doing a multiplayer game like this probably wasn't the best idea if I wanted to get some constructive feedback,  but it was a game idea I wanted to attempt making anyway that fit in with the theme.

Good call on the score display, I'll look into adding that in a future update.  Listing scores had crossed my mind but I didn't make it s much of a priority as I probably should have while developing.


yhea i understand everything must fit in this smal amount of time. If by any chance you get a bit of time i would also apreciate your feedback on my submission.


Absolutely! Though I'll have to wait until I'm back at home later this evening.