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Also serves well as a source of profile pictures :D 
Nice job


Thank you, but yeah. Normally, the temporary invulnerability should be enough to dodge anything and find a safe spot. But because of random generation you can always be unlucky and just die.

Okay I really want to like this game, but something about the controls is that I can't really get into it. First the jump should be RMB, I had quite some trouble with getting this right. The other thing is that the sensitivity is kinda high. Moving the mouse just slightly to switch the lane is either not enough or too much and I end up crashing. Maybe you could add settings, so players can adjust the controls to their needs.
I love the atmosphere and general feel of the game. It has quite some potential and I'd really want to play it more. Hope this feedback helps you.

Cool game! I like the idea of recycling the same level and changing the parameters and mechanics. Also the art was always matching, really cool. I only had issues with jumping in the fast level.

The base mechanics are great! I have most fun by trying to jump from enemy to enemy and avoiding the ground. There is a lot of stuff implemented which comes together well. Good job.

The state of the game is amazing! Everything is clean and polished. Well written characters / story and some lovely art and music. The gameplay is also very solid. Great job.

Good job. Well implemented game. Maybe increase the spawning rate of the zombies over time, so it gets more difficult. I really liked the effect of the dissolving zombies.

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah the alternate world is easier. I tried with increasing the maximum size of the objects, but then they often became too big, so that there was no open path. I tried to make the first world more appealing by giving 10 points per killed enemy, so you can quicker farm points there (if anyone wants to reach the 9999 score).

Awesome game! I see we both had quite the similar idea with 2 parallel existing levels to switch between, but you implemented it better by showing both at the same time. I can't really say anything bad about this game. the timer makes it predestined for speed runs and it's the best usage of the theme I've seen so far. Good job.

Quite a relaxing game. A bit frustrating if you can't find the last piece, but beside that the size of the fits well. I think if it was bigger it would become too boring too quickly, since there aren't any other mechanics. The art is fantastic! Nice usage of the diversifiers.

Extremely polished game. The assets are put together well. Solid mechanic and clear design. Great job.

Really cool! Just the edges were sometimes a bit problematic and the once you realize you can just move the platforms while Timmy is on them, it's kind of an exploit. Maybe add some spikes mid-room so the player is forced to move Timmy around them. But overall a really fun experience! 

Nice mechanic with the fist. I didn't read about hitting both fists at first so I was a little confused. The art could be a little improved but at least it was consistent. It's great that there is a boss fight! 

Amazing game! A lot of mechanics and puzzles. Only the physics can be a bit tricky. Sometimes it seems that the floor tiles are not planar and the character gets interrupted while moving for no reason. But besides that a very coherent experience that is well implemented.

Well implemented rail shooter. Maybe add some music and coherent assets / materials to improve the overall look, but the gameplay is solid. Nice that you also have to look in all directions to get all the coins.

Cool idea! Works even better on mobile devices because of the touch screen. Great job with implementing and the graphics.

I'm impressed how polished this game is. This feels like one of those "The Room" puzzle games you can buy for a few bucks. I can't really say anything bad about this game. Cool concept and amazing design / implementation. Great job.

A very relaxing game! The slimes look lovely.

Great looking game! Also really cool to have such diverse gameplay for each stage. It was just a bit annoying to replay everything if you fail, but on the other hand, it makes every death more tragic. Awesome cinematics btw!

Really cool game! I only had some trouble with the controls. I ended up using my mouse with 3 fingers (one to permanently hold the RMB) otherwise it was way too hard for me to combine movement and attacks. The overall look rocks!

Really nice game. Placing portals was sometimes a little hard and the puzzles were quite easy. I really love the overall design. The cornys were really cute and wish there would be a post-credit scene where you can see all of them living their happy life on the new planet :D

I really like the game. It gets difficult quite fast, which is good because it increases my willingness to retry. A really challenging fun.

I like the idea, even though I couldn't test it in multiplayer. I can imagine that depending on the players, the fight for the mouse could quite escalate :D Also the design is really consistent.

Thank you for the feedback! I thought that making 8px textures would be doable for me and that they would match well with a bichromatic scheme. The limitations really helped me to focus on the actual game and not spending too much time with searching for assets.

Thank you! Yeah, it's really missing some kind of tutorial, but I kinda run out of time for something like that.

Thanks for your feedback!

Thank you for playing and making the YouTube video! 
Yeah, the game is missing some polishing due to the fact I made it for a jam in limited time. I even had to cut down the content. Originally there were 2 more rooms you could solve, but they're still there as a secret.
Close to one torch is a hidden ramp that'll lead you above the walls to the other rooms to find a cyan and yellow light. If you get all 3 lights the portal leads to an easter-egg room.
I found out the  op strategy for the torches is to light one up at a time until all reapers have gathered there, then you have to wait until they went around the corner to light up the torch again. Each torch raises a certain step while it's burning.
I just realized that my markers on the torch don't really make sense because you can look on them from the other direction.
Watching you play was quite helpful for me to learn where to improve myself.
Thanks again.

Thank you for playing! The character is "Sevarog" by Epic Games. He comes with the voices. I will update all the credits in the description.

Amazing game! A really wholesome experience. With nice puzzle mechanics and an interesting look.

Quite good! I liked the pacing and overall flow.

Good Game. It has ducks :D

Nice game. The pixel style is really fitting.