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OH one other thing, it might be worth considering adding a simple pause menu (even if it's just the options "Continue" and "Quit").  I hit escape at one point and was pretty bummed out that it started me back at the beginning.

I really loved playing and exploring the scene.  A few game-play suggestions though:

It isn't much of a problem on the streets, but the momentum the player carries when they're moving became a bit of an issue in some of the spots I was exploring.  I feel like releasing the movement keys should just stop the player immediately.

The help screen for the controls could use a little improvement, it took a little bit of effort to read.

You can't interact with a few of the characters again after you accept a task from them (I think it was Rashad and Fariq specifically).  My attention was a little divided when I was in the middle of a conversation and I ended up missing what my task actually was, and I ended up completing the oranges delivery by accident.  It might help to either update the mission box in the upper left corner of the screen, or just make sure we can walk through the dialogue of each character again after accepting their task.

Overall though I thought the narrative was well done, the atmosphere was pretty well constructed, and it felt pretty nice to play.  Great work!