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Playing the Daily Equilibrium with some ambient space banjo music in the background is my new therapy.  Thank you <3

Same, I had hesitated spending the money on it partially because I felt I had missed the train on that initial release.  Totally get the reasoning for dropping it though

I was rereading the curator notes and realized an ambient game I had been playing for as long as I can remember - every time I sit in a long turning lane, I scan around to see if anyone’s turn signal is blinking at the same exact rate as mine.  To my memory I’ve come close, but never found one.

I’ve considered more than once doing the research to see if there’s some reason I’ve never found one, like there’s some standard or protocol that requires car manufacturers to produce turn signals that blink at different rates, but that would kind of ruin the game for me, wouldn’t it?

I just realized that I was called out on this update.  Thank you <3 

Took me 243 days but I finally had an idea that absolutely requires this.

Dang, that experience is going to linger

Thank you!!

This is absolutely beautiful.  Well done.

Sorry, I only designed and built the game around a gamepad, though I am kind of curious to see how this would actually play with a keyboard too...

It's such a simple idea, but I love the randomized obstacle/platform placement!

Love this concept, and its so well executed.  There's so much variety in the floor design and color schemes that I'm always curious to see what's on the next floor.  Sadly I don't think I have the fortitude to keep going up and down the same set of steps and hopefully see my way to the end...

Such a chill experience, absolutely love it <3

So good!!

Sorry for the late reply, but thanks for reading!  I’ll be honest I still haven’t read the little prince myself yet, I’m guessing I’m going to need to pick it up if it’s a work that came to mind when reading this.  Much of what I’ve read in the past on this concept referenced The Idiot by Dostoevsky as well, another piece I’ll need to add to the list.

Thanks again for giving this a look and sharing your thoughts!

Thanks for playing!  Having the capability to share results via copying to a clipboard was something I really hoped to have in by the end of the jam, but I never got around to getting it implemented.  Hopefully that’ll be in a future update!  

(1 edit)

Thanks for the feedback!  To be honest I hadn't actually gotten around to trying Dungleon myself yet... The thought of adding a hint for multiple characters never really even crossed my mind.  I'll look into that.

Getting the Wordle-style keyboard in place unfortunately got put on the back-burner for me in favor of getting other things like the pop-up victory/loss screen in place (I'm a bit of a novice with front end development, these things all took me longer to figure out than expected).  I ended up running out of the free time I thought I had before the jam ends.  It's definitely my top priority though for my next update, hopefully I'll have it implemented in the next week or so.

Thanks again for playing and for the feedback!

Thanks for playing!  I do agree with you, as the game stands there's far too much guesswork involved.  Upping the number of guesses you can make would be a good solution, but I had really hoped I could make some improvements to the hint system that cuts down on the guesswork.  Something along the lines of "Yes, this character is in the solution, but it belongs somewhere in the Red hexadecimal pair."  

I unfortunately just ran out of time to implement it and test it out before the jam ended.  Hopefully I'll have something like this in the game in the next week or two, but if it doesn't work out I'll definitely look at upping the number of guesses you can make.

Thanks again for the feedback!

hahah yeah I don’t usually do jams like this very often, lesson learned

Yeah, you hit the bug that I’ve been dying to upload a fix for.  It’s exactly as you thought, the game is tracking the scores of the other brain colors if you started a game with less than 4 players.  Pretty big oversight on my part...

It has since been fixed though, and the unused colors of food have also been updated to only reflect the colors of the brains in play.  Unfortunately though I can’t upload those fixes until the voting period ends.

Still thanks for playing, and thanks for the feedback!

A ton of fun to play, the mechanics mix together so nicely!

Thanks!  Yeah, in hindsight a multiplayer game wasn’t really a good idea for the jam, but I liked the concept and wanted to give it a try anyway.  Thanks for the feedback!

Wow, absolutely loved this entry.  Everything was well polished and felt so smooth to play!  The puzzles had a nice difficulty curve as well as you introduced new pieces.

I do agree with the other commenter that the font was a little hard to read, especially in the main menu (making the font a bit darker might have helped with the main menu at least).  I did get a little confused by the set of instructions regarding the green pieces, it took me a little while to understand that you were saying the green blocks were essentially the guiding and pivoting point of where your blocks would land when they were placed.

Overall though this is an incredible entry for this jam, I really enjoyed my time playing it.

Absolutely! Though I'll have to wait until I'm back at home later this evening.

Thanks for the feedback!  I agree doing a multiplayer game like this probably wasn't the best idea if I wanted to get some constructive feedback,  but it was a game idea I wanted to attempt making anyway that fit in with the theme.

Good call on the score display, I'll look into adding that in a future update.  Listing scores had crossed my mind but I didn't make it s much of a priority as I probably should have while developing.

A short and fun experience that's definitely got some challenge to it.  Great work, especially on your use of assets!

OH one other thing, it might be worth considering adding a simple pause menu (even if it's just the options "Continue" and "Quit").  I hit escape at one point and was pretty bummed out that it started me back at the beginning.

I really loved playing and exploring the scene.  A few game-play suggestions though:

It isn't much of a problem on the streets, but the momentum the player carries when they're moving became a bit of an issue in some of the spots I was exploring.  I feel like releasing the movement keys should just stop the player immediately.

The help screen for the controls could use a little improvement, it took a little bit of effort to read.

You can't interact with a few of the characters again after you accept a task from them (I think it was Rashad and Fariq specifically).  My attention was a little divided when I was in the middle of a conversation and I ended up missing what my task actually was, and I ended up completing the oranges delivery by accident.  It might help to either update the mission box in the upper left corner of the screen, or just make sure we can walk through the dialogue of each character again after accepting their task.

Overall though I thought the narrative was well done, the atmosphere was pretty well constructed, and it felt pretty nice to play.  Great work!