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Super well done game. Only complaint I could have is the game speed. Besides that great job!

Awesome puzzle game! Neat idea

thank you so much!

Thank you so much glad you enjoyed it :D

neat puzzle game controls felt a bit loose and made some things a little frustrating 

awesome concept! Loved the game!

Great job! Maybe something like tetris to show what shape box is next would be cool. Good work!

Lighting effects are cool!

Good job! Kepp making games and learning!

Neat idea

Cool puzzle idea :D

Such a unique and creative take on controls

Thank you so much :D


thats a great idea ty!

ty so much!

Love what you have. Sad you couldnt get it done in time. Great job tho`!

Thank you so much! Originally I wanted to use the lighting mechanic but it felt weird with the resolution restriction so I scraped it and used it on the menu

Neat game idea :D Good job!

I love the take on a typical genre! My only complaint I have for this awesome game is when I got to the boss the music got a tad louder then the rest of the game

Unique ideas for puzzles. Love the concept took me a few to figure out what to do but when i did it just came together nicely! well done

Awesome idea!

It was the web version and yea it happens!

Wow such a great game. Did so much with so little! This is so awesome!

Cool little game would have been easier to see some things with a wider range of color

Awesome game! When I finished the map the first time the music skipped and made an awful noise.

The concept is great feels a tiny bit to fast 

Awesome concept and done right could be a cool typing learning tool but the switch is to drastic between one letter to the next

Cool little game

Adding the ddr mechanic to combat is such a cool idea. Only thing that would make it feel more complete is bg music. Besides that 10/10 idea

Great work. Very well done. 

Completed the game. Awesome concept. Loved that things were clearly color coded so I knew instantly want would kill me and what I could slash jump off of

I loved the concept. I felt like the tutorial was just in the game play and felt natural 

good job! When i got hit it killed my sound for some reason :D

Great job! Keep making games and learning gms2 :D

fun concept. First time i loaded it up e didnt work to attack but after a death it worked fine. Good job tho

Great job man. Keep posting more games :D

Fun concept. A tutorial would help alot took a while to figure it out

The knock back mechanic really made this game for me great job

Loved the concept of the game. The are and story were great. Only complaint is i wish there were more mini games