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Submitted by Iziram (@iziram_) — 7 hours, 34 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of the Limitation#173.5003.500

Ranked from 10 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members
Iziram ->

Software used
GDevelop,, Audacity, JFXR

Use of the limitation
I looked at the theme and the limitation and thought : "Who is the bad guy when you develop ?" The answer was : the Console. So the limitation in my game is that you are the console trowing as much errors/bugs as you can

Cookies eaten
0, But i drank at least 10 liters of water, and eaten at least 30 pancakes

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Really like the concept here once i figured out how to use the shop


Thanks, and yeah i should have been more clear about how to use the shop, sorry about that.


I'm a bit confused. Do I click on the bottom bar of icons? Is there more to the game than just blocking the code with keys?


Sorry about that, when you block code with the keys you'll get "Bugs" which is the currency of the game. After that you can take one of the key and drop it in the Shop area then click on one of 3 upgrades (icons). But yeah the concept is just to block code with keys but thanks to upgrades you can change the keys type etc.


Really Hard But Quite Cool! Like The Idea


Yeah i know, it was harder when i was programming it xD


well made game


Thanks, i appreciate


Controlling is still one of the most interesting that I have seen on this jam. The dynamics do not allow you to relax and this is really cool. Nice! If this is really your first game, then I think you need to keep developing your skills., because for the first time it's really fun to play! :)


Thanks a lot, it is really my first game, I really had fun making this game. Most of the time I'm programming for other games like Minecraft (plugins/mods) but this time I made every thing from scratch. I don't have a lot of idea that's why GameJam are really helping me.


The game is addicting! I was really intimidated by the tutorial, it gave me a sense that the game is super complicated, but I played for quite a while letting the code just collide with my "defenses". I might not got the point of it but the "refresh" button that suppose to switch my semi-colons to new stuff doesn't work, so I just made them bigger and bigger


Thanks for your comment.  I really appreciate, it is my first game ever :).

About the "Refresh button" it changes the action in the shop but you have to have enough "Bugs" and also, because the others defence have "decay" it might be possible that you didn't add time before it vanishes back into a semi colon.