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he gives no free cards lol

no problem

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couldn't figure out how to play it

great consept. didn't really understand what i wa supposed to do

Really good game. Great idea and exicution 

Great game me and a freind played and had a blast

you press space once and then you press it agian to launch it the longer you wait inbetween is how far it shoots and the max is when it dosen't move down anymore

Great idea

Your screen could be a little to small I am still trying to figure out how the unity camera works and how to get everything to scale with different screen sizes without making it UI

There are different enemy’s if you press the help button it will bring you to a menu of them. Thanks for playing my game!

Thank you

here’s mine

for the future it would be better for it to be higher than you'd lke so its easier to dodge but it also depeneds on how its mean't to be played

love the concept, dont like how the other cats are slower than you

great idea and great job on making everything 8 bit, only problem i had was that the gun felt like it barely moved you hope you enjoy my game

really fun game and concept with  great presentation

neet idea

great game

great graphics, only problem is the gun feels very sluggish and the frog is very slippery

really great graphics, animations and movement felt kinda clunky and unresponsive.

It seems pretty normal to not want to play the game you just spent hours or days play testing 

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the turtles I actually decided to call walking mushrooms because who nows why and ya I see your point on them coming from both sides and will try to implement it as well as making them spawn faster

you can as long as you leave the original file downloadable (going off what I’ve seen)

you don’t 

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the speed when you hop on a platform is so fast it can't even be played, it i s a great concept though

great game, love the way you build the level as you go

great concept, but controls felt very restricted

great concept just thought i had no range with my we.. i mean tongue

fun little game, love the sounds

Thanks, I’ll look into it.

I think you have to make a game to rate others game

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Yes, any engine can be used as long as a file can be uploaded to itch(i’m going off the rules).

i am wondering how you do your save and load system and if you are willing to share it with me.

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great game with some great 3D graphics

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I tried my best to not allow the voice over to overlap but I guess that it’s now a bug :)

you look at it and press e

fun little game

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what are you having trouble with