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Thanks, and yeah i should have been more clear about how to use the shop, sorry about that.

Sorry about that, when you block code with the keys you'll get "Bugs" which is the currency of the game. After that you can take one of the key and drop it in the Shop area then click on one of 3 upgrades (icons). But yeah the concept is just to block code with keys but thanks to upgrades you can change the keys type etc.

Yeah i know, it was harder when i was programming it xD

Thanks, i appreciate

Ton jeu est génial, que ce soit le style ou le gameplay. Parcontre je retrouve pas vraiment la limitation du game jam. Néanmoins le jeu est fun.

Thanks a lot, it is really my first game, I really had fun making this game. Most of the time I'm programming for other games like Minecraft (plugins/mods) but this time I made every thing from scratch. I don't have a lot of idea that's why GameJam are really helping me.

I don't see any play button, where can we play ?

Short but not bad, i really enjoyed it (I would have liked more level :) )

Thanks for your comment.  I really appreciate, it is my first game ever :).

About the "Refresh button" it changes the action in the shop but you have to have enough "Bugs" and also, because the others defence have "decay" it might be possible that you didn't add time before it vanishes back into a semi colon.