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Farm StormerView game page

Dogfight rival twin barnstormers and storm their hideout!
Submitted by Josh McMillan
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Team members
Joshua McMillan

Software used
Unity, Blender 2.8, Cakewalk, Audacity

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Can the barn be destroyed? I spent "a while" shooting at it but the barn health never went down. It's the red barn just north of the spawn point, right? (assuming north is up)


It can be. There are some bugs currently with the Barn Health Bar that I'm hoping to iron out sometime in the future. If it starts smoking, it's low on health.


thanks! I wasn't just imagining it or doing it wrong lol


this was really well done however i didnt know you had to shoot the barn until i read other comments. The controls were confusing down to me not reading your instructions and found myself trying to steer with both wasd AND the mouse... led to some fun confusing times haha. However once I caught on I had lots of fun dog fighting with others planes :D It was great fun! The music really went well with this and if anything i could suggest to add is probably more focus on the objective. Great job!


Thanks! I am working on creating more emphasis on shooting down the barn, particularly in relation to story. I've had a lot of fun iterating on this project! (BTW, AI was my learning task of this Game Jam, as I wanted the planes to do a bit more than just constantly moving towards you. Rather, I wanted to give them a limited ability to dodge obstacles and overshoot you.)


I thought I couldn't destroy the barn. Apparently, it is the main objective to win the game. :))

I really like the BGM. The control is a little awkward at first, but it didn't take too long for me to get used to it.

Good job anyway! :D


Thanks for feedback! Yes, destroying the Barn is the target of the game, as well as all remaining planes, and a new build will soon add rudimentary controller support. A Windows release is also in the works for control mapping.


I love the game, I like the music in the background and the artstyle, would have loved if the ground was more textured so you could tell if you are moving or not though,  maybe a minor revision for the future? also the story thats on the itch page is good but woul dhave been great if you had time to put it in the actual game!


It would be better to put the story in the game, and maybe I could attempt it if time remains. But a build I just pushed will soon have a LOT more ground coverage for landmarks and obstacles to dodge/weave. Also, you'll be able to change elevation, just like the AI (this was a bug.)


I like some of the small touches you did! I played this live at (50 minutes in)


Thanks for playing and your feedback! 

I'm glad you liked the small touches! The rain particles are in 3D, so they disappear below the floor. I might change the rain to move from top to bottom. The game is getting a lot of features to aid with feedback (including health/gun bars and smoking animations when health is low.) The world is getting a lot more variety to show how the plane is moving relative to the world.