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music and explosion sounds would really finish this game

ive updated the game with tighter collision boxes now so it should be better :)

thanks for the feedback, i agree with the collision boxes, we were going to change them but decided to complete three levels instead of having one perfect one, the collision boxes will be easy enough to change in a later update anyway. we were going to restrict the player to the play area instead of restarting the level but we only had an hour left in the jam so we had to come up with something fast and that was the best solution. i (william) worked on everything in unity and jack worked on the music, thanks again!

why not give it a go now, ive got both a mac and windows build up and ready!!

this game is hilarious

cool interpretation of the design challenge, i like how you did the top down in a 3d environment, hope you finish it!

NOW CAN BE PLAYED ON MAC AND WINDOWS, sorry for the delay!

ive been developing in unity on linux and unfortunely on linux you can only build to linux becasue unity is annoying, ive been spending the last say trying to copy the files to a windows pc to build from there, there will be a mac and windows build soon!!

its still really cool, keep it up

Awesome game, likely the most fully featured out of those submitted, shame you couldnt come to another ending, im guessing that time was the constricting factor, overally great game!


i really like this game, its fun and exciting! PLEASE ADD SOME SCREENSHOTS TO THE PAGE SO PEOPLE WILL PLAY IT, i nearly didn't download it because it didn't look as interesting as the other games, but it is sooo fun , please add screenshots! Great Game

i love the style of this game, it was interesting to figure out how it worked, i really like the mechanics Cool Game!

im also having some trouble with bugs, it wouldn't boot on linux and when i tried it on windows i'm having to same bugs as ManuGamesDev, hopefully you can fix them, looks cool though!

good luck in the future!

nice art, i wish you could put the computers down once youve crafted them, the music is nice. Good Game

I really like this game, its fun and to the point, i think that the only things holding you back are a lack of music and some different enemies for late game, i love the starting menu where you have to shoo thte frog to start the game, acts as a good tutorial however i wish it was more clear that you lose the gun when the game starts. Great Game

i love the game, the only thing i think is odd is the movement, i understand that the cloud is effected by the wind by it is off putting for me at least. Awesome Game, and great music

the art and music is great! fun game to play for a while, wish there were slightly more mechanics though, the click and drag can get tiring over time, overall great game!

I love the game, I like the music in the background and the artstyle, would have loved if the ground was more textured so you could tell if you are moving or not though,  maybe a minor revision for the future? also the story thats on the itch page is good but woul dhave been great if you had time to put it in the actual game!

good luck!

my first time too, good luck for further  games! Keep improving!

well i  wish you luck for further improvements

thankyou so much!, i love what you did with gale, it was the first game i downloaded actually!

fun take on storm, great work

i like the art and the music, shame there is only one music track would have loved to see more, i think there should be more challenges because the majority of my playthrough was just waiting for a wave to hit me so i could go and find more pieces of wood. Overall a cool mini game

Really Great game, very impressed you were able to make it int he timeframe, loved the art and music, the cutscenes were great for telling the story, its a shame that there isnt more to the game, but that is the nature of game jams i guess :/ Great Game!

i like the way youve done the top down camera angle, and the game is interesting, the art is good but there doesn't seem to be a clear objective other than to keep the fire going, communicating to the player what they are meant to do would really help to improve this game, some subtle music would also be welcome, overall good game!

i love the animations, very funny! took me a second to realise the wind affects how you can walk some communication on that mechanic to the player would be welcome, a fun game for a couple minutes but then becomes tiring as there isn't much to do, would love to see some expansion of the game and some work on the landing page.

Fun minimalist game,  i really like the artstyle even if it is minimalistic. would have loved some more sounds and some music. The gameplay is fun if a bit frustrating to begin with. Overall a fun game,

Was fun to play, I think that the biggest things that hold you back are the lack  of music and the artwork that could use refinement. Still was fun to play for a couple of rounds, would play more if there was more to do but i assume that has more to do with the time limit than skill :)