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A tile based strategy game about generating electricity
Submitted by Ghoulcel — 48 minutes, 31 seconds before the deadline
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I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Wattle. It's cohesive art style and animations work for the type of game it's trying to be. The inclusion of a tutorial was particularly helpful for getting the hang of this type of games mechanics. In fact I should probably get around to adding a tutorial just like this one to one of my games...

However, I did end up killing a couple runs prematurely by hitting ESC to try to drop items. Very frustrating. Also It took me a moment to figure out why I couldn't select buildings at the start. It may help tutorialize if you start the player with some power.

Despite these minor setbacks, I'm impressed with the amount of content and balance that was able to be packed in given the timeframe. A+


Ya, adding [ESC] as am exit was something I added as a quick fix at the start and got used to it through so many play tests that I didn't realize it was a problem, but in hindsight that is the key you'd use to deselect. Probably should've just added an exit button in the corner, would've taken a similar amount of time to add. 

Otherwise thanks for enjoying it. I'm glad people seem to like the tutorial since it's what I put most time into.


This game is great! The graphics look very nice and cohesive. I like all the combinations you can make, the selection of buildings you can place is well thought out, they all have their place. For a game jam, I am impressed with how the levels scale with the upgrades. Bulby helped tie the game together.

There are a couple of things that I would change. First, I accidentally pressed escape trying to de-select something and had to restart a bunch of times. Also I found that I accidentally ended the day early before I got to charge my batteries. I like the challenge, but being able to toggle auto-end day would be nice.

Overall, great game! Had me playing it many times to see how far I could get.


Ya this is a common issue, if I do another jam I should listen to play testers more. I had one guy testing it and the ESC feature was the first thing he said, but I put it on the back burner to fix because I didn't want to make a pause menu, but in hindsight making an exit button in the corner would've been extremely easy. Guess I tunnel visioned too hard on the first solution :/


I see we both had the same idea for what a lightbulb character should be called lol.

This is such a cool concept for a game, I love incremental and idle games and this kinda reminds me of that, but way more challenging due to the timer. The art and presentation are great too and great job making such a detailed tutorial for a 3 day jam! I do wish you started off with some energy, not a huge fan of having to start every level with like 80 clicks, I just fired up the old auto clicker to save my wrist. 

Great job this is a lot of fun!


The Game looks and plays so well, but it crashes after 30 seconds of playing it, please fix this bug, i really want to play it more


The .exe version works but it seems like doesn't like the browser version since I can't replicate the issue outside of itch. For now I've just disabled the browser version. I could try to fix it but I've been working on this for 3 days and I need a break.