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This game is great! The graphics look very nice and cohesive. I like all the combinations you can make, the selection of buildings you can place is well thought out, they all have their place. For a game jam, I am impressed with how the levels scale with the upgrades. Bulby helped tie the game together.

There are a couple of things that I would change. First, I accidentally pressed escape trying to de-select something and had to restart a bunch of times. Also I found that I accidentally ended the day early before I got to charge my batteries. I like the challenge, but being able to toggle auto-end day would be nice.

Overall, great game! Had me playing it many times to see how far I could get.

Ya this is a common issue, if I do another jam I should listen to play testers more. I had one guy testing it and the ESC feature was the first thing he said, but I put it on the back burner to fix because I didn't want to make a pause menu, but in hindsight making an exit button in the corner would've been extremely easy. Guess I tunnel visioned too hard on the first solution :/