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Quite a fun game! The pixel art is incredible. It all has a cohesive theme and looks good. I liked the game board layout and the animations of the cards battling. While it only has one round, it is fun to replay to see what happens.

This game is great! The graphics look very nice and cohesive. I like all the combinations you can make, the selection of buildings you can place is well thought out, they all have their place. For a game jam, I am impressed with how the levels scale with the upgrades. Bulby helped tie the game together.

There are a couple of things that I would change. First, I accidentally pressed escape trying to de-select something and had to restart a bunch of times. Also I found that I accidentally ended the day early before I got to charge my batteries. I like the challenge, but being able to toggle auto-end day would be nice.

Overall, great game! Had me playing it many times to see how far I could get.

Pretty cool! The car is fun to avoid, and I like the music selection!

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Very cool game! I got to 2,072,000 but I could keep going for a long time.
[spoiler] Try hand crank + transformer chain [/spoiler]

Great demo! This is the start of something magical..