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Discover a blackhole from a research vessel
Submitted by Yuki (@yuki_is_bored) — 11 hours, 54 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of the Limitation#14.6004.600

Ranked from 20 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members

Software used
Godot, Aseprite

Use of the limitation
Only three buttons are used. Combination of the three are used heavily to allow more actions.

Cookies eaten
Sadly, none. I forgot to buy cookies.

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Love the way you worked around the limitation. Felt a little awkward to figure out the controls at first but once I did, it was fun to feel myself getting the hang of it.

The amount of polish was really nice! It had such a crisp, clean feel and especially the visuals and sounds associated with targeting and firing at asteroids made it very satisfying. Nice job!


Pretty fun game. with a retro feel


Hey I remember you from the Colors jam!

Stellar entry -- really enjoyed this game. Your visual style really compliments the atmosphere and gameplay of the game, and I think you built on the Spacewar / Asteroids concept in a really fun way. The ship thruster diagram is helpful, and I like the little touches such as the alert sound when an asteroid gets too close to the black hole, and the lock-on red highlight line to let you know you can fire onto an asteroid.

The bootup for this game is great, too. It's nice to see it throughout your games, and I'm a big fan.


I absolutely loved this game! The controls where the first thing I noticed and it was quite fun just moving around. You really used the limitation well, really clever key combinations. For the aesthetics I would say that I'm a big fan of retro and 8bit games so this one really impressed me. Very Good!


I like the game. It's simple and fun. Some music would be great, but still it's nice project.

Good job!


This was a pretty interesting idea and pretty fun to play. The controls were just right too, good job on this.


I really liked the presentation and the concept behind it, because space exploration is a really interesting topic and the game is aesthetically pleasing. The intro was immersive although the ship wrapping around from one side of the screen to the other side was a bit immersion-breaking, but from a gameplay standpoint, it allowed for an interesting dynamic. I also felt that there could've been one or two more asteroid types where you have to shoot them more times or something to make the player feel a gradual increase in difficulty.


It's simple but well done, the movement feels very nice.


Great game, simple art but fits the game, good entry, one of the bests


My record is 1:43 minutes! I like the simplicity and movement. Good job! :)


A very nice and simple game. The black hole really differentiates it from a standard asteroids game. Instead of being overwhelmed by obstacles there is a constant threat of being pulled to your doom and destroying asteroids is the only way to make sure it doesn't become worse. The hud in the bottom left is a nice touch. well done :)


Neat game! Simple but works really well and is a lot of fun to play :))


Nice game, simple but very addictive!


i got a 1:32, not great but not bad. thanks for using scancodes instead of keycodes! personally had an easier time after remapping the controls to HTO instead of QWE (JKL for y’all qwerty users) just because i wanted to use my right hand, but it just working without a rebind was a pleasant surprise.


my only complaint is that i cannot for the life of me discern the topology of your surface. that is, i could not reliably predict where i would end up after wrapping through the circle’s boundary