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I think the guns are supossed to be just a jetpack really, i think the spiky enemies just needs less health.

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The game is so fun! you should expand on it!! Imagine an arena mode with lots of robots, that would be so cool

not a bug, you lose 10 points every hit you take

Very good!! the footstep sound is so pleasant, the movement feels nice. Very difficult but I liked it.

Really impressive for a 3 day jam.  It runs really bad on my pc though.

It's pretty fun, I actually don't mind the checkpoint resetting, it feels like those rage games but fair. Only issue is that it's really easy to roll on accident, a 4th button would definitely help but it's not your fault. 

The combat is great and it's really fun to maneuver around. Only problem is that there's no goal in the game

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Very fun and solid, the art is actually pleasant, really just needs more content 

I played it again and thought of a good idea to balance it, maybe. You could make the enemies spawning based on waves, for example, at some point it will spawn a lot of enemies on a straight line and you have to use maximum accuracy, and at another point it would spawn enemies all over the screen so you go maximum range. 

The movement mechanic is so nice but the game is a bit unfair. The attack should have a knockback or at least stop the blue enemy attack. After 300 score or something way too many clock enemies spawn and they are the most troublesome. The tutorial enemy is a very smart way of teaching the game. Anyway this is probably the most enjoyable game of the jam I played, the combat is really fun, good job!

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I really enjoyed this game, but I didn't like the shifting mechanism, it's fun, but it feels really bad when you are too busy avoiding cars and you miss the timing and then you have to wait 30 seconds to shift again. Maybe would be better if it was just like hot reloading in enter the gungeon, and instead of the hard 5 lives, you die if you are too slow or something.. Btw my record was 25540

Really well designed, everything feels finished.

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It gets really fun after 50bpm. You could have avoided the wall of text (it wasn't that bad though) with a better element chart. I almost didn't noticed the red pixels in the clock, in the web build everything  is small and the tutorial text doesn't show up entirely. Overall, good use of the limitation and an enjoyable game

The game is fun, I like trying to predict the movement of the asteroids and hit them far away, but the screen gets cluttered with enemies really quick. One idea I had for the time stopping mechanic is to have some trail to indicate the trajectory of the asteroids, and then you could shoot 3  bullets or something trying to predicting their movement. 

The ideia is brilliant. And it's fun! Good job

Fun and very juicy but not very balanced, the easiest way to win is to just go max range and press space eventually. Maybe it would be better with fewer enemies and slower firarate to give time to think.. idk

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Wow, impressive graphics. Definitely has the potential 

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The concept is great but its more of a waiting game like others have said. Just to add to the other suggestions, I think you could have used mouse input like five nights at freddy and still have only 3 buttons (mouse look, right click to interact and space for actions). Also the ending scared the heck out of me for some reason

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Presentation is great, just needed a bit of feedback when the player dies. The level design is really godo but there are no checkpoints!! Took me almost an hour to beat it. I also didn't understand that eye thing the timelord says 

The art is beautiful, the game is fun and very creative, only thing that I would improve is maybe having a visual feedback on the time mechanic like the minus and plus flashing a color or a day and night cicle (just a blue filter would do)  

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The art is great and the gameplay is enjoyable but it needs some polish. Dragging and dropping the cards is slow, the enemy AI is very random and there's not much use for the time rewind mechanic. Maybe you could have a card to stop enemies on time, and also be able to rewind yourself and heal a bit, like Atlas from Paladins. Or even have the enemies heal themselves and rewind them to cancel their healing!

The art style is very nice, and the gameplay is quite unique. I ended up not using the dash because it felt safer to just strafe around. I think with autoattacking this would probably make a good vampire-survivors-like game

Very enjoyable. The graphics are very good specially the cat animation and the music gives a nice atmosphere

The graphics are very good, I love the color scheme, the movement feels nice and the ice mechanics is very clever, but boy is it hard... I struggled a lot on level 3 and I couldn't go past level 4 on that staircase!

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Thank you for playing! I did all the code myself, no plugins, just godot. For the locking I just keep a list of enemies that are within range (using Area2D node) and calculate the closest one 

Very enjoyable but I also didn't get how the shoot button works.  And god damn that last jump on level 3 is difficult!!! 

Very polished and damn the art looks so nice.

It's simple but well done, the movement feels very nice.

I think you're the only one who realized that they can only be killed by a certain angle xDDD. None of my friends got that.

10/10 very fun!! I love the level design, spent at least 10 minutes on the last level xD. Difficult but balanced.

Nice graphics and atmosphere

This was made in scratch wtf? Impressive.. very nice

im really impressed with the art! The thing I didn't like was that the rules are arbitrary to the current level, for example: the red is weak to hack on even positions on level 2 but not on level one. It's too much for my smooth brain.

Really good! It's quite unique for a tower defense game. Took me a while to get the hang of it but I managed to win! Also, must be hard to make a rythm game in 3 days, good job

I liked it, very fun. The color and graphics look great but I think you could have used colors with less contrast or something, the screen flashing black and white was a bit hard on the eye. Anyway, very juicy game!

Really fun and difficult af, spent at least 10 minutes on the third level, lol, and I cheated on the 4th level xD.

Well done. Only complaint is that the font is really hard to read and the time limit makes it even harder

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Hm I opted to use f1 and f2 for volume because sliders are difficult to make, they have no other purpose. Anyway, thanks for playing!!

It was faster in the beginning hours of development but it didn't felt too good so I smoothed it out. And thank you playing! 

Man, this game is just awesome, specially for a dark souls fan like me :D