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Submitted by Spencer Campbell (@wizbotgames) — 5 hours, 10 minutes before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Setting (or Location)#463.0003.000
Use of Theme#523.1543.154
Story (or Starting Scenario)#642.9232.923

Ranked from 13 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I really like corruption mechanics in games. It is good to see characters gain new powers when they embrace the darkness. Nicely done!


There is a lot of content here that could be unpacked into a bigger framework. I liked the Solar/Shadow interaction and it would be interesting if that went further. I think the failure chances are going to create a real frog-in-the-well situation that doesn't fit the very evocative flavor text you've included. With a little tweaking I think they could have the players feeling they are "addicted" to their powers, trying not to be consumed by them, but this isn't quite what happens now.


This one really seems to want to be more than 200 words.  That could arguably be said about any of the games here, but in this case I really feel the missed potential.  Your Blades in the Dark-style dice pool action system is crying out for greater elaboration, these character classes demand further exploration, I want to know more about this setting, etc.

That's really tough because unfortunately we have to grade what's presented and not what is merely potential.  My advice would be to find ways to cut down on some of your word sinks (maybe cut out the classes and make the powers simple guided writing exercises) and reallocate that space back into the core mechanics.

If you take this further I will be among the first onboard!


Thanks for the feedback! I actually have decided to try and expand on it, since there was a lot more I wanted to do and ran out of space :p I'll let you know when I put something together!


I will never get used to a 50% fail for a hero. Especially if it costs them their life. This is made up for (very slightly) with the extra die for Power use. Looks like we can also create our own heroes if we desire, with reasonable limits. I think if we wanted we could add in our own extra point system for either falling to the Darkness or maintaining the Light. Cool!


There is some potential here