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A topic by Ashk created Feb 29, 2020 Views: 613 Replies: 8
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Does it need to be open source? 

  • No, but you need to show your progress online (i.e. on a blog, social media posts of progress shots, a Youtube video, streamed on Twitch with a VOD available, etc.)

Can we create a devlog here and share a video or a screenshot?

And how much we should show our progress?

We should always post when we add a new mechanism? :/


You can post it where ever you prefer, just say where when you upload the game. Post as much as you need to let people know it was all done during the jam. :)

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Sure, thanks.

But isn't it hard since we have only 48 hours? :(


I Agree  We Need Alternative Way


Agreed, I need to have full concentration on creating the game not taking the screenshots :/


I think they should change that rule or at least give us more time :(


I mean, yeah, I wanted to know if there was some sort of time extension to send the "progress" part. I meant to record my progress and upload a video, but rendering that may take a while... Do we have to have all progress published and ready at the same time we upload our game?


Is making your game open source a valid way to share progress? The wording of that FAQ sounds a bit like the following suggestions are an alternative to open sourcing your work.

I don't think so :(