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This looks awesome!

"Stickers to go with the wrapping?"

>""I miss you."

" stickers, thanks."

Honestly, that... Gosh, same. I didn't expect that, but I related to it a lot. The game was fun! I liked that I could doubt my pickings. I didn't expect a book like sexstories, tho. A warning may have been nice? 'xD

By the way, I choose The Garden of your Mind, but was tempted by The Forensics Artist and Burnt Bridge.

I mean, yeah, I wanted to know if there was some sort of time extension to send the "progress" part. I meant to record my progress and upload a video, but rendering that may take a while... Do we have to have all progress published and ready at the same time we upload our game?

Ok, jeez, I had a blast with this game. Best conversation I've had in weeks-and of frickin' course you need to find shelter, we'll rule the world with cats and love!

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Hey! First, I really liked the game. The idea of being the AI and not viceversa is not something many games do but you nailed it. I was hooked! Now to the questions (which made happy since 'hey, I can actually play this again now!')

1. Yes and I loved it. It made me go "ok, you have only one chance-" I wouldn't want to not follow the author's wishes, you see, "-so make sure you won't look back at your decisions and feel bad about any of them." I achieved that, thankfully.

2. I did! I even realised that in-game when I read Ash being referred to as "they"-it made me realise they were a guy in my mind. Ash looked tall and lanky to me, and had dark-ish skin although I'm biased since I'm latina, I guess it's still interesting to me that my brain deafulted to that, haha. SAL was a girl in my head, but that's because I tend to project myself on the characters of this kind of games. She even had a woman-y voice in my head now that I think about it. Woah.

3. I choose to be upfront in that "something's wrong and I'm worried I have no body and you're a somewhat touchy person." Ash was very understanding of it, and I think he may have appreciated the straightforwardness. They made me feel safe. It ended up with SAL asking for some time to think, but I think their relationship is doing pretty ok.

4. I liked it a lot. I liked being the AI. I liked the choices-they're realistic. I like how SAL rationalizes and 'feels' without really realising it. I can see how this relationship came to be tbh. I liked the fact that Ash never seems... disappointed? Maybe it was the atmosphere of "how do I say it?" but I was somewhat prepared for rejection. It didn't happen. They were understanding, but not in an intrusive or overworrying way. I liked them a lot. I might not have liked the green so much (but honestly, not many games even run on mobile, this is great) but it's fitting and it may just be my vision playing tricks on me again.

5. Not anxious, if you consider that an answer. I didn't feel rushed or pressured. I didn't quite feel sad, either. Maybe conflicted. Somewhat worried, but not in a bad sense. Honestly, I felt I would end up trying to trick Ash into liking me, but it either didn't happen or I didn't have the heart for it, and that might have sold it for me. By the end of it I was at ease-things went well, we're fine, and Ash's staying. What else could I ask for?

6. I get the feeling you want me to say no, author. These kind of games usually don't get follow-ups since that means saying "this ending is the canon one" and that's a boomer, haha. If that wasn't the case... yes, I would like a follow-up, or at least to see these two again sometime. Maybe check up on them, if that makes any sense. See how they're doing, or what they're going through, if they have hardships, or even how that world is like, you know? Like, is an AI-human relationship even common in that world? Is it not? Why? On my opinion, follow-ups are fun as long as they add to the story, but saying any of the endings isn't canon takes some fun out of it.

7. Well, I don't know anything about their world but... it'll go well. They might have issues and problems but they trust each other enough to see it through. And weirdly, they really care for each other. I wouldn't want to stand in the way of these two.

7. I love the way you write and I'm here for the ride if you publish more games :D Keep writting! 


Hey there! Fun game! After having to explain to my brother what Ceasar cypher was and why I have been typing weird things on the screen for the past ten minutes, I have to say, that was pretty fun. Keep it up! :3