Submissions open from 2020-03-06 21:00:00 to 2020-03-08 20:00:00
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Join in on the Lux community game jam! It's a 48-hour jam anyone can participate in!

Our honorable panel of judges will help pick the theme and the winners.


How is the theme decided?

  • Judges will submit themes. We will vote on the themes in Discord before the event! During the opening ceremonies at the start of the jam (, we will randomly generate a theme from the top 3.

How are finalists decided?

  • Top voted games on the Itch page and the discord will be submitted as finalists to the judges. Each judge will give each game a score out of 10. The top rated game wins! Results will be in 2 weeks after the final submission day.

How long is the jam?

  •  48 hours: 6pm on a Friday until 6pm on Sunday

How many people can be on a team? Can soloists participate?

  • You may participate as an individual or a group of up to 3 members. However, prizes must be split between the team (and shipped to one address).

Can we use an engine?

  • Yes, any publicly available engine is allowed

Can we use pre-made assets?

  • You can only use assets that are free and publicly available or you must make your own during the jam. Pre-made assets are not allowed. This keeps it fair. You must also reference the original material.

Does it need to be open source? 

  • No, but you need to show your progress either online (i.e. on a blog, social media posts of progress shots, a Youtube video, streamed on Twitch with a VOD available, etc) 

Where do we upload the games we make?

  • Upload your game to Itch and selected Lux Jam on the info page. The game must be free to play.

Where will the games be available?

  • On the itch game jam event page

What is the maturity rating for the games?

  • Please keep the games within TOS of Twitch and Youtube.

What platforms should the game be available on? 

  • Please make the game available either on Windows in in browser so the judges can play it. You're welcome to make it available for additional platforms.

By entering a game in this jam you confirm that you consent to this game to be included on plays on YouTube and Twitch.

You must be 18 or older to participate.

The winner will need to submit an address and email to accept prizes.