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This was very fun and I was very good at it. I have a high score of 2. :)

hahah hey

Thank you for letting us know! My current build is over 1gb, so I'll just have to be patient and plan accordingly until things are resolved. Thanks again.

Hey, this morning, I tried to upload a new version of the game around 10am. It's been processing for about 12 hours. I've been working hard to promote the game and just fixed a major bug that's in the current live version. Any help on how to resolve this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

It's giving "error (400): /wharf/builds: channel win's latest build is still processing try again later"

Hahah thank youuuuu!! Big compliment! :)

Thank yoU!! :) 

STRAIN: The Undoing is a single player, story-driven survival game. It follows the story of Al, a police officer searching for his friend and colleague in the chaotic streets of Trinity City. 

While the city has fallen into anarchy, you, the player, must scavenge for resources to stay alive and help the interesting characters in exchange for information on your friend, Danny.


Perfect, you're doing great. Sounds like you're almost there!

Thank you for playing and for the notes, Randy! :)


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There's no possible way you could be disappointed. :)

That is the correct attitude. :)

My high score is 274! :)

I got a high score of 900 ^_^

Great work, Elly!! :) 

Those meanies! >:(

Excellent! And glad you found a workaround! :) 

Do you have this turned on in the PlayFab dashboard?

I've gotten an unexpected error for not having it on a few times. I can't remember if that was it or if it was something else.

Please review the rules the day before the jam to ensure you see any updates. 

Please make sure your games are made from scratch during the period of the jam.

Teams may enter with up to 3 members. There must be a team leader who submits the form and would be the receiver and distributor of the prize money in the event that the team wins. This can be divided however the team sees fit. The team leader must be willing to share their PayPal email with Lana Lux who will send the prizes this way.

One entry per team leader. This means musicians, artists, etc. are welcome to assist multiple developers.

Assets must be made by you or free and publicly available during the time of the jam (ie. no monthly giveaways). Any publicly available and open source content may be used but must be credited and linked. This includes Unreal's MegaScans and/or Meta Human. Any premade libraries or code should also be noted here.

Game rankings are just for fun. All entries will be part of the Itch rankings but this will have no impact on the contest and prize winners.

Developers entering the competition for prizes should show progress over the weekend through public updates including: A Git repo, Discord updates, updates on a website, social media, a live stream with publicly accessible VODs, a video dev log, etc.

Game size should not exceed 1 GB

The game must be playable without a third party installer.

We are not responsible for any malicious games submitted, please take appropriate measures and play at your own risk.

Lana Lux reserves the right to remove any uploaded games if the content is offensive or unsuitable. This includes but is not limited to: games with harmful or prejudicial themes related to gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, appearance, ethnicity, national origin, citizenship, socioeconomic status, or religion.

Language Requirement: All submission materials must be in English or, if not in English, you must provide an English translation of the materials submitted.

PayPal shares the email of the sender and receiver, in the confirmation email, and if you have an address it may or may not show, depending on how you make the payment. If the email has a name it will share the name as well.

Developers hold all rights to the games they make. If you are entering the contest, but wish to continue working on your game, please wait until the winners are announced before uploading and updating games.

To enter the competition, you must be 18 year of age or older, or the legal age of adult in your country. It must also be legal for you to enter the contest in your country/region.

Thank you for posting this Shawn! It's super helpful! :) 

 weirdo here 

Yeah, as ProPuke said, there's a lot of game jams happening around this time. We decided to have it even though we knew there'd be overlap. 

yes, come join us here!

(select a reaction in role pick to get access)

Really fun concept and gorgeous art! Great work! :)

14!!!! BEAT ME

1460!! beat that!!

We'll see what if there's anything to show you made it over the weekend if it comes to that when votes are in!


High score of 5, baby!

Also if you're having trouble with anything including uploading your game or submitting it, we're happy to help on stream!

Lux Jam community · Created a new topic Post Jam Interviews

After jam submissions are closed, we will be chatting on stream about the jam and what was learned from it. I will be interviewing participants and would love to hear about your experience. Join the stream to take part.

Glad to hear! :)

Hey, we have bot spam protection on. You need to pick a role in #role-pick to get access. :)

I will be playing all the games (as the host, not a judge)

I haven't shipped to there before, but it should be ok! The Paypal and Steam credit won't require shipment. :)