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A Quick Devlog

A topic by theChief_ created Aug 02, 2019 Views: 142 Replies: 4
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Just thought I'd check in and show my progress! I'm making a little Star Fox clone, I'm incredibly pleased with how it looks actually :D Unity seems to do a decent job of rendering in such a small resolution.

I'm using Unity, plus a load of assets (Low Poly Spaceships, Polyquest Worlds, Polygon Arsenal) I have that are just sitting around doing nothing, along with some humble bundle audio assets, the Soniss GDC sfx packs and the font from this thread (thanks @PixelPOW). I'll probably end up using Probuilder to build a lot of the levels, too.

Still need name ideas, so if you've got any plays on "Star Fox" I'd quite like to hear them ;) 


Update: Rails movement is done, as is shooting (with multiple bullet types and object pooling!!)
I also turned off anti-aliasing and made the colours a little bit more saturated. This makes it much more readable - you can tell friendly ships are blue and enemy ships are red very easily! The same colour scheme will be used throughout - e.g. destructible terrain will get a red highlight (because I'm totally going to get far enough to add destructible set pieces LOL).

Next on my list is the cursor! I need to make it nice and consistent with the rest of the style, so we'll see how that goes... After that is player health, enemies that die, a points system and a goal, along with menus, SFX and background audio. If I don't run out of time I'll also add powerups, a weapon selection wheel and a "super" ability that stops time and lets you select multiple enemies and fires rockets at them. If I'm way ahead of schedule at that point, I guess destructible set pieces, branching paths and things like that would be fun!


this looks awesome! Cant wait to see when its finished


Thank you :D 


Well, targeting took bloomin' ages. Who'd have thought a 64x64 render texture would cause me so many issues! I spent 4 hours (!!!) trying to work out why weapon shots weren't hitting what they were supposed to, then there was a little bit of pain converting mouse input (which is in screen space) to actual usable render texture space...

But that's done now, and it adds a lot to the feel of the game, so it was definitely worth it.