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I love the style and the beat that keeps me going on. Really nice!

Nice game. The graphics and sounds make a great atmosphere! I love those pixel horror games :)

Really cool, good job :)

One of the best entries in this jam, i totally enjoyed it! Playing at the office with headphones on ignoring my collegues makes it even more authentic :P

Really cute game i enjoyed playing it :)

Cool idea and great visuals !

This is a damn cool game! Its awesome to see what you made out of it, from the first to the latest version. How you put so many nice details and animation in it is so impressive. Love it! Can't wait to play it with my friends.

funny idea and nice style, i like the colors !

thanks i appreciate that. hope i will finish in time :'D

Thank you :)

Thx :] I will do my best.

Thank you :) Yeah, the 4 color palette is very challenging but it makes the game jam even more interesting!

Looks awesome, I really like those animations! I'm excited to see more of that.