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Brew potions with ingredients you find in the forest
Submitted by Alex ☕🇨🇦 — 2 hours, 49 minutes before the deadline
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It's confusing at the beginning, but I was able to figure it out. (But it sounds like there's a tutorial coming to address that.) I thought the music helped set the stage, and I liked the potion descriptions. And of course, I like that it's in Fennel. :)


I tried to enjoy it but overall It felt like I had to guess what to do, I spent 3 minutes wondering what to do with potions until I read the page and realized you could pickup rocks. Relying on people to read your itch page is never a good, an in-game popup would be nicer, despite this I love the art, and the gameplay was really interesting once I understood what to do. Overall an excellent game!


Thanks for slogging through!

My plan was to have a tutorial option when you started the game, but ran out of time in the 72hr limit.

The gif was a stop gap. There is an in game pop up ready for the post jam version.


Really impressive, your game has a big map considering the jam's deadline. I was able to brew the elixir of life but I missed some in-game instructions (I often returned to the game page to get any tips). 

An improvement would be add a popup screen indicating that the potion we made gave us a new ability. I played collecting all the ingredients and only then, trying to brew the potion. Therefore, I didn't realize that I already had the ability to walk on water and I lost a lot of time running the map not knowing what to do :-(

But that didn't spoil the fun (the page sound when clicking the UI was a pleasant detail). Good job


Thanks for the feedback :)

I’ve been doing some clean up for the post jam version and have added additional popup text for when you brew a potion that will grant you an ability. I’ve also added a popup telling you which potion you are missing when you fail to perform an action on a target.


Awesome, maybe not as much as your last year game. Definitively, I like your style.


Wow, one of my favourite games in this jam.
Only feedback I have is that it is a bit unclear what each potion does, but I do think this could be a great canidate to expand upon.

Submitted (1 edit)

nice top down crafting game, overall very good


I did it! I got through the game and brewed all the potions and elixirs (is there a difference between those?)

This game me similar vibes to old indie games from the 90's. Dink Smallwood and Mantra come to mind (obscure 90's mac OS indies...)


very good! the art was good and the music fit pretty well. very well polished overall.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

really nice. i didnt read what the gray (transparent)) potion effect was so i got stuck not knowing what to do for a bit 


Really liked the camera transition. Pretty polished game!


Looks very complete ! For some reason I could not pickup stones, or understand how to mix ingredients.

Recording a video to show the first levels/potions would be an easy and quick fix.


Great idea! I wanted to do a tutorial level but ran out of time.

For now I’ll make up some gifs and put them on the game page.